WARMER MIXTAPES #14 | by Niklas Angergård of Red Sleeping Beauty and Acid House Kings

1. The Smiths | I Know It's Over
I always state this is the best song ever, so I guess it should be on the mixtape.

2. Christopher Sander | Caroline (2007 Demo)
No one can sing fairly cliché phrases like Caroline, jag såg dig, vänta på någon annan (translates into Caroline, I saw you, waiting for somebody else) like Christopher Sander and really move me.

3. Prefab Sprout | Let The Stars Go
Paddy McAloon takes everything that is bad, cheesy with the most mainstream of mainstream music and turns it into something beautiful.

4. Miko Mission | How Old Are You
A childhood favourite, which still makes me want to dance (and I very rarely dance). The Italian accent is great.

5. Felt | She Lives By The Castle
Lawrence Hayward of Felt managed 10 albums in 10 years. Looks good in writing. She Live By The Castle might be top of the pops.

6. Jonathan Richman | Give Paris One More Chance
Always included in my rare DJ sets. Saxophones, call and response singing and the simplest of melodies equal pure happiness.

7. The Durutti Column | Sketch For Summer
Everyone ought to play guitar like Vini Reilly. Morrissey, please sack your rockabilly monsters and go back to Vini.

8. Elvis Presley | Kentucky Rain
My father has 4-500 Elvis Presley records in a special Elvis Presley room. Of course that has some sort of effect on your musical taste.

9. Freestyle | Ögon Som Glittrar
This is from Freestyle’s sophomore 1982 album Modiga Agenter. Sounds surprisingly modern today. Even includes some supposedly sexy moaning.

10. Lake Heartbeat | Pipedream
This is my October 2009 favourite. According to Last.fm I have played Pipedream 42 times the last two weeks.