WARMER MIXTAPES #15 | by Reese Donohue of Butterfly Bones

1. VEGA | No Reasons

This song feels so good. Can you believe this guy's only 20 years old??!? I'm not sure if that's true. This song is everything good about moving fast.

2. HEALTH | Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)
Not so much into HEALTH, but Tobacco's unbeatable. He makes his own samples that are too super chunky.

3. Starfucker | Boy Toy
These guys are having so much fun. I'm going to their show in SF on Wednesday.

4. BEACH CATS | Ice Cream Fingers
Awesome producer out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He makes really intelligent, arty electroglaze. I've listened to this song about 12 times in a row right now. It was actually 13 times in a row, but I changed it because I'm superstitious.

5. Cut Copy | Far Away
I know it's not new, but I can't get enough of this song. I think it's the best one on the album In Ghost Colors.

6. Atlas Sound + Panda Bear | Walkabout
It's on a summer mix put out by Aquarium Drunkard, and that mix is what's actually #6 on my list. It's an hour-long mixtape of super fly motown loveables that were selected with extreme accuracy, all washed over the perfect amount.

7. Mariah Carey | Fantasy
Just watch the video. And this doesn't mean I like anything else, especially anything new. An isolated incident...The video.

8. Architecture In Helsinki | That Beep
Just don't watch the video.

9. Grandmaster Flash | The Message
His opening salvo sounds like the house I was living in for a while. Makes me wonder when dancing became the thing to do in a music video instead of standing awkwardly in front of the camera. He forgets what he's looking at a couple times.

10. Yelle | Ce Jeu
I have no problems with feeling good. Neither does Yelle. Obviously we were meant for each other.