WARMER MIXTAPES #20 | by Wesley Eisold [Cold Cave] of Some Girls, American Nightmare, Give Up The Ghost and XO Skeletons

1. Aphrodite's Child | It's Five O'Clock

Song for the first snow or last leaves. Epically tearful and soul crippling sounds from Demi Roussos, Vangelis Papathanassiou and crew. For the day after you've shook the hand of the devil.

2. The Go-Betweens | Karen
Because we need to be direct in saying what we want. An ode to the glorious females who turned us on to music and our first sexual fantasies. Helps me find Hemingway, helps me find Genet, helps me find Brecht...

3. Permutative Distortion | Virtuelle Räume
For the most inspiring uninspired vocals I've maybe ever heard. I would like to address the people I meet on a daily basis in this tone. Perhaps I do and that is why I've found a friend in them.

4. Tor Lundvall | Murderer
A work of genius, no other sound deserves the title of Murderer. A dog in the distance, a footstep on old wet brick. The closest clue in to the mind of Jack The Ripper.

5. Malaria! | Your Turn To Run
Everything I've ever wanted. The darkness of the synth meets the sex of violent fantasy in red strobe.

6. Busy P | Rainbow Man
Electronic dance carnage with ideal distortion that makes us weigh how we feel, do we fight, do we dance? Then we do something that resembles both.

7. Bel Canto | Mornixuur
Because the world is run by fear of god and ourselves and of what we do not understand we turn to music for some sort of understanding.

8. Kim Fowley | International Heroes
Anthemic closer for the credits of the teen coming-of-age film Max and I would make. Something like Dazed And Confused with more death drugs.

9. Lee Hazlewood & Ann Margret | Dark End Of The Street
I've had only unsuccessful relationships because everything I know about love was learned from this song and from these voices.

10. Comet Gain | Jack Nance Hair
A declaration of youth and the idealism of disfunction that crushes us as we give in and friends disappear time and time again. Learn your lessons the hard way...Through romance.