WARMER MIXTAPES #19 | by Paul Ballo (Go To Berlin/The Amsterdams/Kumm/Trouble Is) of P.A.D and Hot Casandra

1. Boy Eats Drum Machine | The Crack In The Sea

He's the most talented artist I've seen in years, by far. This song has everything you need: a fucked up rhythm, a heavy bass line deep into your stomach, some crazy tambourine going nuts all over the place. The sax is definitely helping Jon lay down his voice and talk about currents that started forming long ago...

2. Gustaf Spetz | Golden Feathers
First track of his debut album. Very mature and powerful to me. Makes me ride a horse from Sweden all the way to Japan.

3. Mc Solaar | Les Temps Changent
My early days I spent in Wasquehal were very confusing. I learned everything at the time. Even that I was the only white guy in the college. Albert Calmette forever! Kiff mes potes! Claude, t'es 1ouf quoi !

4. Backstreet Boys | As Long As You Love Me
I was 6 or maybe 7. Dumb enought to send them letters and everything. Yeah...I played in a choir at the time and my dream was a clear one: to take Nick Carter's place. I made it - I play drums for Go To Berlin.

5. Grand Corps Malade | Les Voyages En Train
Slam dunk of a love story. I was cleaning my cymbals in my living room on a rainy day. Home alone, noone to watch over me. Turned the TV on and saw this tall guy on a live show. Suddenly I remembered my days in France, my first girl, my first skateboard. It's all about love in the end...The first one maybe.

6. Young Love | Discotech
It's a gorgeous saturday night pop song to me. Too Young Too Fight It is on my top 10 albums ever.

7. Cat Stevens | Father And Son
I love you, boy! - that's what my father told me when I was about 11...On our way to school. Then he just put this record on. Some girls would now go: Awww, how sweet :x

8. John Frusciante | Leap Your Bar
Hannah go leap your bar... This is how right you are...I'm in a way it seems... People are cold and mean... He's just beyond everyhing. There's nothing left to say about John. It would seem rude, unpolite and extremely cheesy.

9. Cunnie Williams | War Song
From One Night In Paris, 2002. My mom was into stuff like Earth Wind And Fire, Boyz II Men, Cool And The Gang. I grew up with all this crap somehow but never really liked it. Actually, I really was into this new album and took it with me on a skate session. Thought it was kinda nice and had nothing to do with that funk music she used to listen to. That day some bikers stole it from me and guess who was really pissed off... Don't want another war song...

10. Kenny G | Forever In Love
Sega Master Sistem, Football or School? Hmm... There's this girl who just moved two doors down yesterday.