WARMER MIXTAPES #37 | by Henrik Mårtensson of Pallers

Here's my list of songs. Hopefully there are some songs that you haven't heard but might like. It's a very tough list to write. And I am certainly not a man of lists.
I have probably also forgotten 20 songs that means alot to me but whattafakk...

1. The Smiths | Still Ill
Not their best song but the first one I fell in love with. The way Morrissey sang words I had to look up in lexicons mixed with the anger in the phrase Ask me why and ill spit in your eye... really got me. And the nature of the melody and the desperate way he sang it...Jeez!

2. The Cure | Love Song
This song made me pick up the bass. This song made me wanna be in a band. If that bassline wasn't that good I might have never met any of the people I met during all those years in bands. That would be pretty sad.

3. Autechre | Rotar
This music really made my head twist and shout. When first hearing it I couldn't get it at all but it made my imagination work hard. I was on my bed with headphones and couldn't believe how anyone could make this kind of music. Nothing I've heard until then sounded like Autechre (this was in the 1800's, kids!) Voff!

4. Rod Stewart | Tonight I'm Yours
Rod was the first artist I idolized, I was 5 or 6 and he was the coolest guy I've ever seen. I can't explain what made me drawn to him that early. But I still like him and he's one of the few persons I'd be impressed to meet.

5. Marvin Gaye | Mercy Mercy Me
I've listened to death to this album. It's like a spa treatment, I think...I never went, but I had massage in India and it felt like this music sounds. There was an especially nice and rich sound to the kickdrum and bass in '71.

6. America | Ventura Highway
I've started so many days with this song. It's always a good start. As well as Marvin these guys give me a cosy and warm feeling. Soothing.

7. Moose | Suzanne
Here's a weirdweird song but for many years I had it as some sort of rolemodel for how exciting indie rock/guitar music can be. Moose mostly made more ordinary songs but here it seems they stumbled on something weird and beautiful that they just threw away. They never again made anything as cool as this song, not that i´ve heard.

8. The Black Dog | The Crete That Crete Made
Chilly but warm, smooth but annoying. Inspiring song.

9. Bruce Springsteen | The River
Me and a friend started listening to this song kind of as a joke. That was at the time when Bruce wasn't politically correct to listen to as a swedish indie-kid. Those stupid rules kids have, eh!? This song reminds me of cold and dark times up north in Sweden, dirty and snowy roads, Renault 5, spruces, tail-lights and me and Tommy laughing and drinking.

10. GAS | Untitled #5 (from Königsforst)
Again I'm in a car, during a trip to Norway in search of epic landscapes. The sun hadn't yet went up as we drove away in the snowy and windy morning. We could only see the white road in the headlights and thousands of snowflakes swirling towards the wind-screen. Every now and then a silhouette of a tree flew by as the sun started to light up the sky. This song has never sounded as beautiful as that time...Uh, I'm a poet and you know it!...Truly emotional music.