WARMER MIXTAPES #38 | by Christina Roos [ROOS] of Cat5

1. Animal Collective | My Girls
I love it when new music is fantastic and inspiring like this song. It makes me want to write a hundred new songs. The melodies and the feeling are flawless. I can drown happy in the vocals on My Girls.

2. The Thrills | Big Sur
This is the perfect summer track. When I listen to Big Sur the only thing I have in front of my eyes is sunset, pink cliffs, gulls and sparkling sea, west coast style.

3. Saint Etienne | He's On The Phone
He's On The Phone is one of Saint Etienne's best songs according to me. When I and my friends had our own club here in Gothenburg for about 7 years ago this song was our best floor filler. I can see why!

4. M.I.A | Bucky Done Gun
I and my friend Hanna loved this song when it came out. I have a sweet memory from a festival here in Gothenburg when we climbed a fence and sang this lovely song out loud. Exactly like in the music video. (Or not?) Good times.

5. Gang Gang Dance | Blue Nile
I love the unpredictable sides with this song. This is also a great inspiration for my own work. I want to let go and surprise my self.

6. Studio | Westside
What can I say? They are the shit if I may say so. Everything they do is perfection and off course they are a great inspiration for my own work. They may be the reason why I took in the guitar into my own music. Studio's music is like a beautiful fairytale or a space odyssey. It's so good.

7. The Knife | Lasagna
When The Knife released their first album I hadn't heard a similar sound before. I fell in love and thanks to that I started to do electronic music. Before that I had only played the drums. Still I know every line of the lyrics in Lasagna - my favorite song on this album.

8. El Perro Del Mar | Change Of Heart
When El Perro Del Mar played in Annedalskyrkan here in Gothenburg this summer it was magical. Maybe the best concert this year? She's incredible talented and a role model for me and my music making. I could kill for the bass tune in Change Of Heart. Wonderful.

9. Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill
This woman is something special. I wish I could be more like her. Running Up That Hill is the song that you've wished that you'd written.

10. The Cure | Mint Car
The sun is up I'm so happy I could scream! And there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be than here with you. It's perfect. It's all I ever wanted. I almost can't believe that it's for real. I really don't think it gets any better than this. Vanilla smile and a gorgeous strawberry kiss! Birds sing we swing. Clouds drift by and everything is like a dream. It's everything I wished. I was young and I really loved this song with its lovely lyrics. Its just makes me a little bit more happy and nowadays it's describes my life in a good way.