WARMER MIXTAPES #40 | by Jacob Haage of BANDJO

1. David Lynch | Ghost Love
The mood in this song is so well suited with the title and lyrics: It's so strange what love does. It's on repeat almost every afternoon in my house.

2. Hawklords | Free Fall
Some of my favorite musicians in a constellation. I like the beautyful contrast between the distorted rock guitars and the calm cozy synthezeisers.

3. Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky | Face To The World
These are legends. Like some scene from the 60's with an black horse riding in the desert near sunset. I dont know the person on the back, but in the moment of listening is it me.

4. Crime & The City Solution | Six Bells Chime
I picked this song from a scene in Der Himmel Über Berlin. A dead guy is on a club watching his love dancing to this band playing live. I've tried to convince some friends about this song without any results. Ghost love.

5. Magical Ring | Dreams In The Wind
So great sound on this album. I don't know anything about it thou, except that I had a period this summer when played it on repeat as well.

6. International Harvester | It's Only Love
I like the phrase. Simple as the music itself. A great factual explanation.

7. Jeremy Spencer Band | Travellin'
A song that my brother and I use to play when we are playing records. Alot of airguitars there. Kind of corny but still this perfect pop song.

8. The Heliocentrics | Before I Die
I like the creative feeling when the double bass comes in. It's a bit comic but still melancholic in some way.

9. Honey Bane | Guilty (JD Twitch Re-Edit)
A song that I have been listening to constantly for a long time now. The guitars and the girls moans is such a great combination. Hard to describe, I just love them both. The guilty girl and the echo guitars.

10. Tangerine Dream | Guido The Killer Pimp
This song have almost all the harmony and instruments that makes me satisfied. It could be so much longer thou.