WARMER MIXTAPES #41 | by Hanna Göranson [Hanna/Hanna Lovisa] of Cat5

1. Talking Heads | This Must Be The Place
I've had a special friend since three years back. We care massively about each other but recently had a falling out so we don't really speak anymore. Anyways. When we first got to know eachother we emailed alot. Wrote love letters back and forth and in one of those he sent me the words to this song. So whenever I listen to it I think of him. To me this is him in a nutshell. And also my favourite record.

2. Prince | I Feel For You
I love spending a Friday night sitting on the floor drinking red wine watching live dvd's of Prince doing his thing. Very sexy...

3. Was (Not Was) | Shake Your Head
Want to get me in a good mood? Put this on. Great record. You can't become invisible, can't bullshit the devil. Shake your head. You can't ban the bomb, and there's no way to stay calm. Shake your head (lets go to bed).

4. Donna Summer | I Feel Love
Huge inspiration for my own music. How cool is the arpeggio bass line! Mega.

5. Joe Jackson | Steppin' Out
There's not a cloud in the sky when I listen to this. So hopeful. Feels like I'm walking on a catwalk while strutting down the street with this on. Love the lyrics.

6. Paul McCartney | Check My Machine
I wonder what state he was in while writing this one. Brilliant though. This is always on playlists I make for some reason. I don't know why really. I suppose I just find it really good.

7. Janet Jackson | Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)
My brother used to play this record when I was little. I've discovered loads of tracks recently that I know by heart that I haven't listened to for years and years. It's interesting how music can bring you back to a certain time and make you feel the same way you felt back then. I was the baby in the family and my 11 year older brother Henrik played lots of great records in the 80s. I think it has had a huge impact on me musically.

8. The Durutti Column | Tomorrow
This song to me is a rainy Gothenburg. Melancholy. Wet pavements. Trams. I can listen to this album over and over again.

9. Daniel Lanois | San Juan
A few years back one special evening in Gothenburg I went with my big brother Kristofer and his friends to see Daniel Lanois play at Trägårn. Afterwards Mr. Lanois came off stage and went out thanking people in the crowd. My brother so wanted to go up and take a photo of him but felt silly so we all giggled and laughed at him. Lanois came up to us asking what it was that was so funny. He started chatting to me and I guess (age wise) inappropriatly enough - flirted... He invited me and my brother to join him backstage. We had some whiskey and chatted about guitars and recordings for a bit. He then asked if we wanted to join him for a drink at his hotel. My friends were thrilled so I couldn't say no to that. Much later that night we ended up having a party in a studio flat where he played this song to us. It was magical. He kissed me on the forehead and I went home. I still got his number to L.A. on a little note somewhere.

10. Taken By Trees | Only Yesterday
I lived in London for a few months back in 2007. I moved there much because of a boy I was fond of at the time. But also because I felt the need to leave Sweden. I ran away from everything that I had going for me at home and started working in a shop by Oxford Circus. I was so tired that summer. I felt lonely. I drank too much. I had no money. The guy cheated on me and I missed my friends at home. I didn't really let anyone close. I sat in Victoria Park reading almost everyday the last couple of weeks with my iPod plugged to my ears. Sometimes crying behind my sunnies. This song takes me back to that time. No matter how tough it was I miss London so much.