WARMER MIXTAPES #43 | by Mike Diaz [MillionYoung] of Chévere

1. The Strokes | Hard To Explain
Definitely one of those songs that just cheers me up no matter how down I am. Always reminds me of high school house parties, and how much fun life is.

2. The Beach Boys | I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
This song just sums up how I feel sometimes. It's pretty direct, which I usually don't like in songs, but it just can't be said any other way. I always wish I had been born in the late 40s so I could be a teenager in the 60s.

3. Animal Collective | Flesh Canoe
Whenever I hear this song I just picture being tangled in sheets with the one I love on a breezy weekend morning just laughing about everything. It just makes me feel really chilled.

4. Panda Bear | Bros
I have never had such an easy time listening to a 12 minute song, in fact, every time I listen to Bros I need to make sure I have enough time to listen to the whole thing because it feels necessary. The way this song washes over you and swirls in circles just makes life feel easy. I've actually been late to work because I've sat in my car listening to this song start to finish.

5. The Beatles | The End
It's pretty dangerous to play this song in the car if I'm driving because my hands immediately get distracted by air guitar. I love the back to back solos and how you can distinctly tell who's playing which parts. The song comes together so well as a whole, and at the same time, manages to highlight each member's personality.

6. Broken Social Scene | Looks Just Like The Sun
This song has been my alarm clock for years now. My mornings are usually pretty frantic to begin with, but something about starting the day with this smooth song just sets everything up so well.

7. Justice vs. Simian | We Are Your Friends
I'm not sure I could say it's one of my favorite songs ever, but the fact that I can remember a time I've danced to it with every last one of my best friends makes it hard to imagine life with out it.

8. The Decemberists | I Was Meant For The Stage
I've always felt this song is more about just finding what makes you feel happy and whole and going for it than it is about just wanting to play music. Definitely one of the most inspiring songs I've ever heard.

9. Mogwai | The Sun Smells Too Loud
Simply put, the last time I really fell in love it was to this song. That guitar riff just aches in a way that no words could ever express. Unfortunately the nostalgia is slightly overwhelming when I listen to it now, but I listen anyway.

10. French Kicks | All Our Weekends
I do this thing every time I go on a long trip where I compile a few albums I've yet to hear and make it a point to listen to them in their entirety along the way. The French Kick's Swimming was just such an album and it just fits right in with the feeling of being on vacation, escaping, experiencing something new. This song specifically reminds me of kicking my feet up on the dash with the windows down.