1. Bill Callahan | Too Many Birds
This is pure poetry for me. No bullshit. A little song about too many birds in one tree. The first lines in this song is so beautiful and the end with the extremely stiff white slow mo funk is one of the best moments in music this year.

2. Mistral | Starship 109
This sensual song about space has one of the best grooves I've heard in ages. Starship 109. This year I have had a thing about cheezy pop songs in outer space. If you wanna follow up this song with something quite similar both musically and textwise, check out Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon.

3. The Divine Comedy | A Lady Of A Certain Age
This is so english. Neil Hannon croons away over a fantastic melody. He sings about an old rich very lonely lady and he somehow manage to go through all of her life in 5:48.

4. Jay-Z | Brooklyn's Finest (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)
Two hungry guys who love Brooklyn.

5. The Real Thing | You To Me Are Everything
I've been listening to this song so many times the previous months it's silly. I love these guitars, the melody, the piano, the breeze. I'ts a perfect song for the autumn.

6. Cat Stevens | Whistlestar
I remember playing this song from a car in Malmö at the summer of 2004, waking up neighbours on a Sunday morning. I remember going to a festival in Kroksjö and listening to this song and the alf theme over and over again until people would hate us forever.

7. Kjell Höglund | Genesarets Sjö
My girlfriend got me into this. It's kinda annoying in a sweet way. I like the idea about no refrain and so many words. The guitar solo actually fits in the song it's not often that happen. I like that it's hard to recognize if the guy is down or happy. I think he's a little bit down.

8. Luva | Bermuda Raindrops
What happens about 1:30 and goes on until the end in this song is amazing.

9. Sylvester | Over And Over (Special 12'' Disco Mix)
Disco classic, the trumpets and the special voice play a very special role here.

10. Depeche Mode | A Photograph Of You
I'm not much of a Depeche Mode fan but I can't resist this pop song. It's very playful and has great lyrics. This is one of those songs that I often listen to on my way to work when I'm not taking the bicycle.