WARMER MIXTAPES #51 | by Sebastian Blomstrand [The !ntellivisionary/pyremyst]

1. Mini Viva | I Left My Heart In Tokyo
One of the few songs being played by radio in the past months that make me turn up the volume to max. The killer bass line kills me every time and the Mini Viva’s themselves are hot as hell.

2. The Blow Monkeys | Atomic Lullaby
Such a beautiful song from these exquisite Brits’ debut album back in '84. Dreamy, sublime and saxophone sexy.

3. Man Parrish | Boogie Down Bronx
Early electro-masterpiece from New Yorker Man Parrish. Groovy, techy and still today a source of inspiration.

4. Japan | Canton
This haunting, peculiar tune viciously pierced my heart when I heard it for the first time. Coming from Japan’s last studio album Tin Drum in '82, the band gets to show off their insanely wondrous skills as musicians. Mick Karn is without a doubt the coolest bass player ever.

5. The Stone Roses | Fool's Gold
One of my favourite songs shaking ass to. There’s not really much to say except that it’s funky as shit.

6. David Bowie | The Width Of A Circle
The intro is epic. The lyrics are awesome. Mick Ronson is a guitar god.

7. Orange Juice | Rip It Up
Last year I went to Rome with my ex-girlfriend. We kind of had this fight and we went separate ways for the day. I spent the day alone, taking a hike up one of Rome’s seven hills with this song on repeat. That day was in fact the best day that I spent in the Italian capital and I’ve been loving this song ever since.

8. Henry Mancini | Moon River
This old classic was written for the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s and has then been covered by uncountable artists. I don’t know which version I prefer, but the song is almost too beautiful; just like Audrey Hepburn

9. Alizée | J’en Ai Marre
I don’t know why France never seems to be fed up on the whole Lolita concept, but nevertheless, I love this song to oblivion. Alizée has an amazing voice and I just love the production of the song. It takes me right into the imaginative arms of a French beauty. Guess I’m really weak for French girls…

10. Michael Land | Monkey Island
Monkey Island is one of my favourite video games of all time. It’s extremely funny, witty, challenging and even arty. Michael Land composed its music and the music kicks ass.