WARMER MIXTAPES #52 | by Max J. Hansson [Night Minutes] of Cut City

Looking back at the selections I've made it makes no sense at all stylistically to forge these songs together on an imaginary cassette but I sure as fuck couldn't care less. These are songs that in one way or another made a huge impact on me and the way I play music.

1. Faust | BBC 1.3.73
A session medley Faust made for BBC which comprises the songs The Lurcher, Krautrock and Do So. It's around twenty-two minutes long and is what got me hooked.

2. Flipper | Way Of The World
Punk rock doesn't get more ugly than this. Sinister yet joyous in a weird sonic amalgamation.

3. Guns N' Roses | One In A Million
The lyrics are dogshit but the songs ranks as one of the best songs I've ever heard. GNR these days is nothing more than a joke without a punchline.

4. Kiss | Love It Loud
My cousin handed me a compilation cassette when I was around ten years old. This was back in '85 and it was probably the heaviest shit around or at least that's what I thought. I convinced all my friends it was the best song ever and forced them to listen to it many times in a row.

5. Journey | Anyway You Want It
This was on the b-side of same cassette. I listen to it a lot way back when but I forgot (or supressed) their existance after a while. Ten years ago I rediscovered Journey through my friend's mutual love for the band. Anyway You Want It isn't their best song but it's the one that sticks.

6. Brutal Truth | Stench Of Prophet
If being fast is a discerning quality check then this song. Is the best song in the world. If not, then it still is. Period.

7. The Replacements | Can't Hardly Wait (Acoustic Demo)
There are several versions of this song but it's the home-recorded version with Paul Westerberg alone that stands out. Suicide songs are plenty but the ones that actually makes you feel anything are few. Only one actually.

Sade | By Your Side
Just a sad song.

9. Richard Lloyd | Wild Child
Heavy on the eighties. Great song from one of my favourite guitarists of all time.

10. Johnny Thunders | Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory (live on some cd I bought)
Way wasted and some bantering between song but when this gem is played there are no dry eyes.