WARMER MIXTAPES #45 | by James Glaves and Jeremy Wagner of The Wagner Logic

SIDE A | by James Glaves

1. Daniel Johnston | Walking The Cow
Daniel creates music in it's purest form. He couldn't be pretentious if he tried. This song evokes a childlike inspiration in me that an over produced song could never do. This is a one of kind rough performance with little mistakes that actually make the song better. Incredibly well written pop song, gives me chills every time.

2. The Smashing Pumpkins | Soma
I'm still waiting for someone to top Siamese Dream...This dreamy and epic masterpiece rocked me to sleep literally every night for over 6 months straight. I love the way that Corgan's guitar sounds like it is going to explode towards the end of the guitar solo.

3. Modest Mouse | Alone Down There
This song is undeniably amazing. His lispy first verse puts me in a really dark, and awkward place. Once the chorus hits it is all over, such intensity. I waited their whole set for this song at a Chico, CA show years back when suddenly I realize my girlfriend at the time left me at the show in a rage because I was in the mosh pit checking out the guitar pedals and not tending to her needs...Cheap orange vodka = drama. Not as tipsy as Brock though.....

4. The Flaming Lips | Do You Realize??
Some of the most beautiful and inventive lyrics I have ever heard. It's true that we all are just floating in space...

5. Nirvana | Serve The Servants
Just a great pop-rock song. Steve Albini's drum sounds on this record really caught my attention.

6. Metallica | Fade To Black
Greatest power ballad of all time. Hands down. I was rocking this shit in the 5th grade, pretty much the reason why I started playing guitar. Return to me, Metallica!...

7. ELO | Strange Magic
Gorgeous love song from one of the most under-rated bands of all time. Jeff Lynne was way ahead of his time.

8. Barbara Mason | Yes, I'm Ready
This song makes me want to fall in love in slow motion and have that big TV embrace. My face feels like breaking off from smiling so hard.

9. The Ghost | My First And Last
One of my favorite bands of all time, I just found out that they reunited while researching for this top ten list. Another great Steve Albini recording. Singer Brian Moss croons with a blood-curdling, punk tinged, and emotional snarl that will literally make your throat hurt, and your heart spill blood through your eyes. Look out for this great band.

10. The Tea Party | Psychopomp
Dramatic, dark, epic, emotional, rocking, unique. Everything I look for in a song. Unfortunately this classic Canadian trio is now disbanded, but their first 3 records are still some of my most played albums.

SIDE B | by Jeremy Wagner

1. Queens Of The Stone Age | Auto Pilot
A laid back song by the kings of stoner rock.

2. Elliot Smith | Son Of Sam
His voice was soothing and calm, and he his guitar playing was untouchable.
I always get excited when I hear this intro.

3. Sonic Youth | Dirty Boots
It's hard to pick just one cause i love this album alot. But the main guitar riff of this was a big influence on me growing up.

4. The Pixies | Trompe Le Monde
A fuzzy reverb soaked masterpiece.

5. The Rolling Stones | Mother's Little Helper
Great feedback and slide guitars. Clever lyrics about pharmaceuticals.

6. Deerhunter | Agroraphobia
I just recently discovered these guys. Guitars and vocals of this song put you in a trance.

7. David Bowie | Young Americans
I love the frantic tone of Bowie's voice on this. Featuring Luther Vandross and Bowie's then Mistress on backing vocals. This is messy plastic soul era Bowie at it's best.

8. The Beatles | Long, Long, Long
A beautiful Psychedelic waltz. One of George Harrison's finest song.

9. Built To Spill | Distopian Dream Girl
One of of my favorite bands of all time. Go buy their records.

10. The Gun Club | Thunderhead
The way Jeffery Lee Pierce's voice screeches amazes me every time I hear it.