WARMER MIXTAPES #47 | by Daniel Hedin [Le Days]

1. Sigur Rós | Untitled (aka Samskeyti) (Track 3 on ( ))
It wraps you around your own soul and it start to look inside you with its tunes. And with every keynote the song produce it punches you over and over, to see yourself and suddenly you can't run anymore and you just give yourself out. And the inside of you turn to the outside. Honest, so pure, so beautiful that it forces you, to just cry.

2. Yann Tiersen | Comptine D'un Autre Été: L'Après-Midi
When you just don't think anything...You just sit and see, inside yourself on the outside of the world. Not happy, not sad, it's like the music helps you to go through the history and story of your life and your just watching it play...Playing the tunes of the soul.

3. Radiohead | We Suck Young Blood
It just stops me. It's like every clock stops and I just see the world through its true eyes of dust and every clap followed by words makes me breath heavier, like if he tells me what his soul says...His feelings coming through me with every tune they take, amazing, making me think of everyone that are special...We suck young blood, yeah, we all do.

4. The Veils | Jesus For The Jugular
The pain I see inside my mind is this man's air, when listening to this song. Every sad thought, every painful feeling that have gone through his body, he makes me feel. Right into my spine with uncunny feelings and those drumbeats kicking on the side of my head. Cold.

5. Bob Dylan | Masters Of War
I can't explain what he does with words...But something no other man could ever do. When he tells the story...He really tells it. I feel small.

6. Radiohead | You And Whose Army?
This makes me feel strong. Makes me feel like nobody could take me down...I love that feeling. Thank you, Radiohead.

7. The Smashing Pumpkins | To Sheila
This song I just listened to when I travelled by bus at night from Gothenburg home to my place...It made me feel so warm...Like for once in my life I felt safe and warm in the state of being alone...Like every light getting closer and talks to me. When I looked out through out the black glass and the bus was all warm and dark, I just felt so fine...Like every time when listen to this song. I felt so enjoyed with life when listen to this song. It embraces cold and create something else.

8. Ólafur Arnalds | 3055
The world stops when I listen to this. It's just drains me and for seconds I don't exist. It feels good.

9. Tom Waits | God's Away On Business
He makes me feel the dirt inside every man's head, dirty mean and so unpure and so true, he makes me feel the unclean sidewalk where the nowhere men lives and where the people with no name do business, it's so raw, just like life...

10. Bright Eyes | First Day Of My Life
Where a person comes to a stage, where he suddenly realize his love for someone, everything about the person...How she/he move, talk or how she/he look upon life with so different eyes and you realize you can't lose now, you can't lose this person, 'cause you're no one without her/him. This is the stage, this song is the stage and that is beautiful. That is love.