WARMER MIXTAPES #48 | by Alexander Gustafsson [Portrait Painter(s)] of HILLS

1. Faust | Jennifer
I first heard the Swedish legend Freddie Wadling’s version of this song but I love the original just as much. It’s rough but still as beautiful.

2. Cortex | The Freaks
Speaking of Freddie Wadling, this must be he’s greatest song made for his band Cortex. Enough said.

3. Wayne Wonder | No Letting Go
I’ve never heard such great melodies like this. Also listen to Taken By Trees cover!

4. Olle Ljungström | Vila Vid Denna Källa
I first heard this Bellman cover on a commercial but in a acoustic version, just as beautiful as this one. I love the harmonies and Olle's fragile voice.

5. The Ocean Blue | A Separate Reality
I want to float in water and listen to this song for the rest of my life.

6. Mazzy Star | Blue Flower
One of the best songs made in the 90’s. Glasvegas will never make a song like this how hard they’ll even try.

7. The Pretenders | I Go To Sleep
It all sounds so wrong...I think that this is the sound of being drunk. All the way to 1:35 when you wake up and explore all the beauty in the world, oh, how I wish I wrote that refrain.

8. Avner | Besatt
You can say and think anything about Avner but you can’t deny the beauty in this song.

9. Delorean | Deli
If there’s one song I want to dance to all this night it’s this one.

10. Horslips | You Can’t Fool The Beast
No, you can’t!