WARMER MIXTAPES #53 | by Keith Kelly of Monogold

1. Michael Jackson | Thriller
Well, I guess I'll go with the first song that truly blew me away and that I can remember being my first real obession. I was probably 5 or 6 at the time and I like almost every other kid was obssessed with the song and the video. I always liked horror and monsters as a kid and I loved to dance and this song had everything. It was catchy, it was scary, it was fun, the dancing was awesome, the video was great and it had Vincent Price in it! Seriously, what else do you need!?

2. Kiss | Cold Gin
I loved Kiss as a kid even though they were not of my time but none the less it really pissed my parents off! I used to go to 2nd grade and paint my face like Gene Simmons! That song always makes me think of the performances I would have, dressed up like Kiss playing a broom as a guitar. Again it really pissed my parents off.

3. Radiohead | Paranoid Android
I remember sitting in my buddies car and this came on and I was completely blown away! It was everything I wanted to hear at that time. It was like Pink Floyd for kids my age. That song really affected me musically at that time. It got me into the album and really gave me confidence in trying some new things, most importantly I stoppped being a drummer and started singing.

4. Bob Dylan | Subterrnean Homesick Blues
This isn't a song that I will call a favorite because of the song itself, but it holds a sentimental value for me in that its my father's favorite Dylan song and whenever I hear it automatically makes me think of him. I laugh because it will remind me of him trying to get me to learn it and memorizing those crazy lyrics. Man, that songs a pain in the ass to remember, hahaha!

5. Santo & Johnny | Sleep Walk
This came out in like 1959 or something, and still to this day I think it's probably the most beautiful guitar track I've ever heard. No matter where I am or what I'm doing when this song comes on I stop dead in my tracks.

6. Nirvana | Where Did You Sleep Last Night
This was a cover of a Lead Belly tune, and I'll never forget the first day I heard it. I was like in 10th grade or something and it was right around Christmas and I supposed to be helping put up the tree with my family and instead my friend and I drove aimlessly around town for hours with this song on repeat. His voice at the end still gives me chills.

7. Talking Heads | Nothing But Flowers
This song is off the Naked album where their punk and synthesizer eras come to an end. This song is just about running naked over a cornfield thats covering what used to be a pizza hut, and getting back to nature. The lyrics are quirky and beautiful.

8. The Mothers Of Invention | Any Way The Wind Blows
This song was the catalyst to a whole new world of music for me. Frank Zappa completely shook up everything I thought how music was supposed to be. There were no rules or boundaries and for me at that time in my life that was exactly what I wanted and needed!

9. Sonic Youth | Hoarfrost
This was my real introduction into how melodic and subtle they could actually be. I realized how much more powerful they were to me in this style than their punky/noise stuff.

10. The Beatles | Fool On The Hill
This album to me is The Beatles at their most exciting, and this song especially always got me. It just sounds exactly like the year it was made. This is one of those strange songs where from the first time you hear it there's this automatic connection, like it's always been there just waiting for you to hear it.