WARMER MIXTAPES #58 | by Sam Amidon of Samamidon

1. Q-Tip | You
From the album The Renaissance. This song is what you can listen to over and over and over and over again, if you are feeling sad about your girl.

2. Sarah Siskind | Lovin's For Fools
This is a song you can listen to if you are feeling blue. You can hear a lot of the different feelings of life in the voice of Sarah Siskind.

3. Wu-Tang Clan | Take It Back
From the album 8 Diagrams. This is proof that the RZA has a magical way with tones and sounds.

4. Sonny Rollins | I've Told Every Little Star
From the album Sonny Rollins And The Contemporary Leaders. Sonny Rollins is our most important hermetic artist. His melodies and tones and the sonic environments he creates on his albums are all secretly designed in a little lair that he has. They are made according to a mysterious order that we do not understand, but we know that they cause us to feel that the electricity in our body is being aligned in the right manner.

5. The-Dream | Fast Car
The vocal harmonies by The-Dream are SO beautiful! He makes the most beautiful vocal harmonies. It reminds me of that album, Les Mysteres Des Voix Bulgares, by The Bulgarian State Television Womens' Choir. Have you heard that?

6. Word Of Mouth Chorus | Parting Friends
This gives me the shivers. It is a recording of my parents singing, from the 1970s, before they were married, in a hippie chorus that toured with a group called Bread And Puppet Theater. They are singing a very old song and they were very young when they sang it and it is more plaintive than even they realize. You can buy it on iTunes.

7. Tommy Peoples & Paul Brady | The Kid On The Mountain - O'Farrell's Welcome To Limerick
From the album The High Part Of The Road. Tommy Peoples is an irish fiddle player. He has the most amazing way of compressing and expanding time with his rhythms. Listen SO carefully to the opening 20 seconds of this music please. And try also I Am A Youth Inclined To Ramble by Paul Brady, from the album Welcome Here Kind Stranger...The greatest living singer?

8. D'Angelo | The Line
Pino Palladino is the bass player on this track. If I had sound capabilities instead of just word capabilities, I would hum the bassline for you right now! Please, come back to us, D'Angelo! We need you.

9. Curtis Mayfield | New World Order
From the album New World Order. Curtis Mayfield and I have the same birthday. When he recorded this track, in 1995, he was paralyzed from the neck down and he had to record the song line by line, with a microphone hanging over his head, while lying in his hospital bed. He has the most beautiful phrasing of any singer.

10. Beth Orton | Ooh Child (Alternate Version) (Five Stairsteps' 'O-o-h Child' Cover)
This is a cover of a Motown group, but when Beth sings it it is like she is singing right to you and it makes you feel like everything is going to be alright.