WARMER MIXTAPES #59 | by David Kyhlberg [Picture] of The Morning Paper and Sail A Whale

1. Manual | Astoria
A long time favourite. I once played this one on a DJ set. The song got faded out just before the handclapping. It was sad. I never really got over it.

2. Moby | God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
First time I heard this song was in the ending scene in the movie Heat. I was 15. The song fits the scene so good that it’s silly. For a long time I had no idea who the artist was. I tried to make a cover of the song, but it turned out sounding stupid. Never try to make a cover of an already perfect song.

3. The KLF | Last Train To Trancentral
One of the first singles I bought as a child. It has always and will always be a favourite. I love everything about this band.

4. Cocteau Twins | Lorelei
This band has ment a lot to me through the years. When I first heard them as a teenager they blew me away and changed my whole view on what music could sound like. I really like Elizabeth’s voice in this song. I also like the voice of the singer in The Sundays, but I don’t know her name.

5. SALEM | Redlights
A new favourite band. Dark, evil and beautiful.

6. Aphex Twin | Xtal
An earphone favourite. I walk a lot.

7. New Order | Temptation
I thought I had to choose one New Order song. This is a good one. I like to dance to it.

8. Stereolab | Cybele's Reverie
As a child I used to borrow records from my my brother's room when he wasn’t at home. I recall listening to this song a lot. It was a strange feeling. I really liked the song, but at the same time I was scared he would caught me steeling his records.

9. Animal Collective | Fireworks
I clean my apartment to this song. And it gets me in a good mood.

10. The Cure | Plainsong
It was hard to choose one song by The Cure, because there are so many beautiful ones. But I chose this one. I have a lot of daily routines. Not only in my everyday job. The first thing I always do when I get home from work is to put on this song (except on Fridays when I listen to High). It helpes me to reduce the stress.