WARMER MIXTAPES #63 | by Jihae

1. Jacque Brel | Ne Me Quitte Pas
It's intense, tragic and heart wrenching. You can feel the pain from the vibrato in his voice and the haunting music. Jacque Brel writes Don't leave me...Let me become the shadow of your hand, the shadow of your dog. I find his level of boldness and fearless refreshing. He reveals his essence. It's obsessive and bonkers but fantastic.

2. / 3. Leonard Cohen | Famous Blue Raincoat / Hallelujah
I love both of these songs quite equally. Leonard Cohen to me is a master of songwriting. These songs are experiences, you feel like you've come out of a dark theater after watching a Fellini film. Cohen 's songwriting takes you on a visual journey of story lines that seem to fill up a lot of space in such a short time . It's amazing he can achieve this in 4-5 min.

4. / 5. Bob Dylan | Blowin' In The Wind / It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
There are possibly thousands of songs over the centuries sketching the sad realities of time and social injustices. These stand out to me the most.

6. Beirut | Nantes
I haven't been too excited about music out there in awhile since Sigur Rós. I'm a big fan of gypsy music. Beirut takes this sound at the root and rocks out. It's tricky to mix festive with soulful but Zach Condon does it well. Lots horns and percussion, the accordian's the vintage romance is a charm. Beautiful vocals.

7. Francis Lai | Un Homme Et Une Femme
I'm pretty sure this song was written before my time. But somehow it's got this nostalgic tone and feeling giving you a sense of having been there somewhere beautiful and free...Wind blowing
through your hair while driving with the top down next to a field of daisies with the love of your life.

8. Anette Peacock | The Succubus
This is a spoken word piece, one of the most powerful and sexy tracks ever made by an inspiring experimental female artist who I believe deserves a lot more credit than she has gotten in her career. I did a cover of this track on my new LP.

9. Blur | Track 2
This simple rock track is a quick burst of energy, a necessary dosage for a healthy aural diet.

10. Karen Dalton | In The Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best)
Dalton was mainly known as a banjoist who played with Dylan a lot. She died young and tragically. She had 2 folk albums mostly covers besides this song. The depth of her voice and tone is deep and heartfelt. This song speak to most people. We're always searching or leaving. The endless cycle of emotional gamble.