WARMER MIXTAPES #64 | by Simon Kronholm [The New Waves]

First and foremost this is not a top-ten list of the best songs of my choice. It is just some songs I think is good. If I wanted to describe my musical development I would need about 100-200 songs but now only ten can be presented so here you are...

1. Geoffrey Burgon | Sebastian's Summer
I know what you think: Whats the the deal with this dude?!... Well I can’t chose one song from this album that’s the deal. This is the soundtrack from the Brideshead Revisited TV-series from 1981, not the movie from last year. The music is the best part of the movie is the TV-series soundtrack far more emotional and beautiful. All the track is fantastic and it accompanies the scenes really fantastic but it works really good as a own piece of music to.

2. Sigur Rós | Hoppípolla
What a song! Really. I Love it. Sigur Rós at the Way Out West festival last year is one of few times I’ve cried while watching a concert. It was during this song my tears ran due to the fact this song is one of the most beautiful ever made. Those icelandic people may not have a stable economy but thier song writing is fantastic.

3. The Libertines | Never Never
Carl Barât and Peter Doherty. Those guys could really write good songs but unfortunatly thats not what they known among most people. Pete’s relationship with Kate Moss and his drug abusing have always overshadow his musical works, and Carl’s. Since the break-up of The Libertines they’ve done good works both of them. Dirty Pretty Things and Babyshambles… Both of them are good bands but the magic that was in The Libertines songs isn’t there. I love those bands anyway and hope they keep doing great stuff together or on their own. This song is one of The Libertines forgotten songs. It was a b-side on the Can't Stand Me Now single but it is a really good song with all important components. It’s a pure should’ve been hit.

4. KRS-One | Sound Of The Police
When I was a little kid I was playing in the woods, climbing in treas or throwing snowballs if it was winter but when I was at home andIfelt for some music I putted on a CD with a collection of the best hip-hop tracks ever. Today I can’t say that the finest hip-hop songs are on that CD but most of them are really good. 2Pac, Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Dre and more can be find on this CD but I miss Biggie and Mobb Deep to call it the best hip-hop tracks ever made. This song was my one of my favourites song on that CD. I still think is good, but the most intressting thing is, how come I liked hip-hop when I was 6 years old? I didn’t understand the biggie and 2pac thing that was going on. I did’nt understand the lyrics. This must prove that they did fine art and can conect with anyone. Or this proves that media was fooled by the record-companies and promoted the groups as cool guys which kids like. I don’t really know.

5. The Stone Roses | Fool's Gold
This is an epic song. It has a certain groove that i’m trying to reach when I write songs. The break-beat rythmic, laidback lyrics and a hypnotizing melody that affects the mood in a soft way. You just want do dance slowly the whole night. Those madchester musicmasters really knew what matters in a song. It is the groove. If it isn’t groovy it don’t have that special IT.

6. Håkan Hellström | Brännö Serenad
One of Sweden's best artist. His first three albums are fucking brilliant. No, the second is not as good as the first and the third. But those two are maybe some of the best records ever made. He is a well known for his pickpocket-song-writing. A melody from The Cure, some lines from Morrissey and Dylan or prehaps Eldkvarn. He is mixing his favourite artists in his way and it nothing wrong about that. His style is nothing worse than a uncredited sample in a song. If Justice can do that and get away with it Håkan can to. He does better music to. This song is from his third album Ett Kolikbarns Bekännelser... It is more acoustic and warmer than earlier, and after. With Björn Olsson as producer, a string quartet is a obvious choice for this song. Hearbreaking and magic. There is reasos why he has become one of the giants in swedens musical industries. Björn who have played with Union Carbide Productions, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and The Bear Quartet has also co-written the songs with Håkan and the most of them is also on Björn's solo record Kräfta. His solo work is instrumental and has a even more natural sound. But the songs is at it’s best when it’s a hybrid with Björn's epic but natural ideas and Håkan's gothenburgian stories.

7. The Tough Alliance | 25 Years And Runnin'
Always turns a boring party to a good party. Good eurodiscoish pop served by Sweden's best band that still exists. The summer feels near everytime I hear this song. They were a musical revolution for me. When I had lost my faith in music they came into my life and turned around. It’s intense and dreamy at the same time. They have written the best pop song of the 00’s with Koka-Kola Veins and is always re-inventing their sound and is not afraid of changes but they still got their TTA sound. The unwillingness to compromise and their neo-punky I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude is inspiring too. This song is also part of the EP from 2006 where from the name The New Waves is inspired by. The genre and Daft Punk-song is also a part of that name but that is a whole different story.

8. Broder Daniel | Cruel Town
Sweden's best band ever. Håkan Hellström has played with them. Theodor Jensen from The Plan too. Daniel Gilbert who just released his first solo single Maelstrom has played guitar with Håkan and bass in BD. The drummer, PopLars, have played with The Embassy’s Lindson in a band called Easy and with Hästpojken. Why the members of BD have reach success with so many other projects is a mystery to me, but it must be some sort of mental thing. Their songs really expresses something, they really want to tell the world about something. They did some great songs in their early years but the production of the albums that came out wasn’t the best. Their swan song-album sounds best and unfortunately it wasn’t until this album they reached public success. The album came out in 2003 and after the following tour the band was put on ice. But The end for BD came first when the guitarist, Anders Göthberg, died last year. They had a concert to pay tribute to him and since then BD is no more.

9. The Clash | Guns Of Brixton
In 2002 when Joe Strummer suddenly passed away it was time to sum up his work. What he did with The Clash is what most people value the most and I agree with that, The Clash is one of the best bands ever. They started as a punk band but their open minds changed them to something else that can’t be described in words. They combined different styles into something new and really changed music.

10. Grizzly Bear | While You Wait For The Others (feat. Michael McDonald)
I thought it would be nice to tell something about a band I have listening alot to recently. Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest is my choice of 2009’s records. It is a damn good album. If I had only one word to describe the album that word would be perfection. I’ve listening to this album since the summer and I have fallen in love with this song again recently. The new version is pretty much the same as on the album besides that the lead lyrics is sung by Michael McDonald’s dark voice that suits the song very well. But the best part of the song is still the break. Listening to the song, fall in love and if you are in Stockholm next week, go to Debaser Medis to catch up with these Brooklyn guys.