WARMER MIXTAPES #66 | by Avner

1. Thåström | Karenina
This song reminds me of my childhood in the ex-military suburb to Stockholm. Grey. Russian. Great sand paper-voice.

2. Pyrolator | Im Zoo
My friend Kendal Johansson played this song for me and I felt so happy...Pure joy.

3. Håkan Hellström | Atombomb
The spirit of this song tastes a bit like Karenina but Håkan's track it more of a contrast in itself, isn'it? I am in love with Håkan's voice.

4. The Stranglers | La Folie
I just love this tune. The bass here. My God - so simple and still it affects my whole living. I put this on whenever I'm in a too good mood to be true - to take that top of and bring me back down again. Simplicity.

5. Suicide | Surrender
This song IS almost Avner. This tune will transport itself from the stereo, via my dead body, to my relatives at my funeral.
6. Kendal Johansson | Blue Moon (Big Star Cover)
If or when this song is released from its deep dark depressed dungeon it will take the whole world by storm. His voice. His pure voice. Fuck his voice - THAT IS HIS HEART SINGING! I love Kendal.

7. Mariah Carey | Angel (The Prelude)
My female dream artist. A little bit to heavy now but MY GOD - what a voice. I adore her whistle-singing and this track...It's not Mariah singing like an angel - IT'S AN ANGEL SINGING THRU MC! Tears in my eyes when I listen to this song and at the same time watch what her body has become.

8. R. Kelly | Ignition Remix
My idol. R. Kelly is larger than an artist. He is a dream. A crazy stereotype. A superman. He pisses on the establishment - over and over again. The tomorrow / yesterday man, always three steps ahead or behind. This song catches his whole voice and persona. Perfect.

9. Michael Jackson | They Don't Care About Us
It doesn't matter if you are innocent, if you are like a God, if you treat the children of today like the tomorrow men they are - the world still won't care about you. When I think about MJ I hate myself and all haters for ever feeling doubt towards him. I hope he continues his charity work in heaven. I love you, Michael, I love you.

10. Eric Serra | The Big Blue Overture
This song is beyond gender-love. This is pure love. The essence of love. The love for the world, for the people, for the sea. When I hear this song I feel like I am in love with Kendal and his love for the movie. I love you all. World. Europe. Sweden. Stockholm. Avner.