WARMER MIXTAPES #70 | by Jacob Graham of Horse Shoes, Cascading Slopes, The Drums and Sound Of Ceres

1. The Field Mice | Between Hello And Goodbye
The greatest song that's ever been written. You always have to leave...

2. The Wake | O Pamela
I've loved The Wake for a long time now, and this song took a long time to really get my attention. There's something to be said about pop music that lurks in the dark corners. I have no soul.

3. The Field Mice | An Earlier Autumn
Sometimes you need this perfect feeling. I have no desire to sound more competent than I know I don't. I've heard it a hundred thousand times and it still works.

4. Blueboy | So Catch Him
I don't think anything so true and pure has ever been recorded. My God, if my heart wasn't already broken, it would be.

5. The Field Mice | That's All This Is
My friends say I have the most severe case of tunnel vision they've ever encountered. I don't care about anything but love and perfect songs. My heart swells every time. Skips a beat and all that.

6. Another Sunny Day | I Don't Suppose I'll Get A Second Chance
I was all alone and I needed something new on a depressing trip to Wales and then I discovered this and it wasn't earth shattering but it was necessary.

7. The Wake | Carbrain
Such excitement! I don't even understand my own feelings sometimes, but when the chorus kicks in I remember. I used to climb that tree...

8. The Embassy | Just A Dream Away
When I take a step back and remember that there are more than three bands in the world I remember The Embassy. This song is painful. Please don't listen to it if you are too sensitive. I'm serious. I've listened to it in some weak moments and it did more harm than good. And then Boxcar...

9. The Cranberries | I'm Still Remembering
This is what I was listening too when I actually was a teenager and it's still just as important.

10. The Field Mice | I Wish I Meant More To You
There was a time a few years ago when I thought I hated The Field Mice. I didn't listen to them for a whole year. I used to listen to this song every day, twenty times or so. But I haven't listened to it in months. And my phone hasn't rung in days but it just did (4:52 am), someone who wishes they meant more to me. Relationships can be very difficult. I didn't pick up because I wouldn't know what to say and I had planned on going to sleep as soon as I finished writing this. If I never hear this song again it may be too soon.