WARMER MIXTAPES #77 | by Curt Jackson, Colin Spencer, Ryan Kennedy, Russ Davidson and Alex Perry of Rikers

SIDE A | by Russ Davidson

1. David Bowie | Five Years
This song gives me shivers every time I listen to it. Whether it be Bowie's voice exploding at the end of the song, combined with apocalyptic lyrics - or the fact that this song opens up his greatest record of all. I love that this song is essentially four chords the whole way through, yet remains so dynamic. It really makes you think about his words and sets the story for Ziggy.

2. Creedence Clearwater Revival | Fortunate Son
It seems to get lost on the quiet radio in a mechanics shop, but if you crank it up and really listen you'll realize what a great blue collar rock and roll song this is.

3. The Kinks | I Need You
There's something about that dirty slices speaker cone guitar tone that just makes my ears perk up. Thank you Mr. Dave Davies.

4. The Rolling Stones | I Got The Blues
Got to be the best late night driving song (in slow motion). The whole song is this beautiful arrangement of shimmery blues guitar and horns. Then with one great swirl this massive organ solo breaks into the song and blows everything away. Another shiver giver.

5. Tears For Fears | Head Over Heals
Im always overcome with nostalgia when I hear this song. Reminds me of my parents partying with their friends while I play with my ninja turtles on the couch. Now as Im older I understand why my parents listened to it. Incredibly produced and undeniable melody.

6. Peter Gabriel | Here Comes The Flood
This song has such a beautiful chord progression. Lyrically this song can relate with so many. Almost every line is memorable. I chose the version on Hit, as it represents the song better than the original version.

7. 10cc | Art For Art Sake
I recently found a stack of old records in my parents attic. I remembered most of the records, but I had no clue who 10cc was. I recalled the record cover from being a kid but I couldn't think of any of the songs. When I put the record on I was literally singing all the songs word for word. Strange how your brain stores info.

8. Pedro The Lion | Magazine
Possibly some of the most tastefully played and amazingly produced drums. The best song on Pedro's opus. This record would certainly be in my top 10.

9. Lou Reed | Perfect Day
A great morning song. Put it on and boil the kettle.

10. Joy Division | Transmission
My favourite JD song. I love crashed out guitar chords and intense vocals at the climax in the song. There is so much character in their recordings.

SIDE B | by Alex Perry

1. Psychedelic Furs | The Ghost In You
My parents played Mirror Moves in the car on every trip we took in the 80s and early 90s. I rediscovered the 'Furs later on. Still amazing, and still relevant.

2. The Smashing Pumpkins | Obscured
The lyrics, vocal melody and subtle guitar lines combine to create a truly stunning and unique song. The Pumpkins at their best.

3. Led Zeppelin | Dazed And Confused
Great riff, and the guitar solo (mistakes and all) is edgy and angst-filled. Perfect for me when I was 14 and starting to take guitar seriously.

4. Talk Talk | It's My Life
Another song from the car and my childhood. Undoubtedly poppy, but also musically complex. The synth tones and bass line are what got me hooked on this song.

5. The Who | Bargain
This song captures a hopeless and self-destructive devotion to someone perfectly. I think it's Keith Moon at his best, particularly in the bridge.

6. Yes | Close To The Edge
The organ solo towards the end of this song is brilliant. I still get shivers down my spine listening to it.

7. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness | If It Was Me
Dark, reverb heavy and plodding, perfect.

8. Donna Lewis | I Love You Always Forever
I don't care what anyone says, this song is pop perfection. It will always remind me of my first girlfriend, probably because it was our song.

9. Genesis | The Battle Of Epping Forest
The lyrics in this song are almost Shakespearean in terms of their alliteration. Reminds me of a cross between a Guy Ritchie movie and Hamlet. Of course, it being Genesis, the music is amazing too.

10. The Human League | Love Action
Crisp rhythm section, and layer upon layer of analog synth. I have to dance when I hear this song.

SIDE C | by Colin Spencer

1. Nirvana | Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
People who say Kurt Cobain is a terrible guitar player don't know anything about guitar.

2. Bob Dylan | A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Almost more of a poem than a song, except the music is also beautiful

3. U2 | I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Who has?

4. Jackson 5 | Dancing Machine
There's a reason the horn line has been sampled so much in hiphop (MC Hammer to Bun B)...It's totally awesome.

5. The Hold Steady | Constructive Summer
There are not a lot of lyrics I would ever consider getting tattooed, but this song has all of them...The way they make getting drunk on a water tower seem mythical is incredible.

6. The Pixies | Here Comes Your Man

7. Pearl Jam | Immortality
Gorgeous guitar lines match the beautiful lyrical imagery...Scrawl dissolved, cigar box on the floor...

8. Bruce Springsteen | Atlantic City
The way the reverb accentuates the desperation of the vocals is heartbreaking.

9. The Roots | You Got Me
Probably the best rhythm section in any band these days...This song encompasses the anxiety that being in a relationship entails so well.

10. Michael Jackson | Wanna Be Startin' Something
No other song makes me want to instantly start a dance party.

SIDE D | by Ryan Kennedy

1. New Order | Age Of Consent
I love most New Order but I really love them when they are at their prettiest . In my opinion they really straddle the line between cold and removed (the obvious Joy Division influence) and catchy and poppy (Age Of Consent / Technique, etc). They lost me a bit when they went euro dance or whatever happened in the 90's but Age Of Consent is one of my favourite songs ever.

2. The Clash | Lost In The Supermarket
Tough choice with this song. The Clash are quite possibly the best band ever . Picking just one of their songs is pretty hard but Lost In The Supermarket captures a unique feeling for me, it stands out as something special on a record filled with special songs.

3. The Cardigans | Communication
Anyone that discarded these guys as a one hit wonder after Lovefool was gravely mistaken. Amazing band that continually puts out really strong well written pop records. Nina's voice is great, the production is always cool and Communication hit me so hard the first time I heard it that I played on repeat . Some songs are hard to figure out lyrically, this one isn't and I love it for that reason.

4. The Cure | Friday I'm In Love
I know it was a huge hit, and a pretty predictable selection from The Cure catalogue but it's a near perfect pop song. Something about Robert Smith's voice makes me think he could sing the stupidest lyrics possible and it would still sound cool.

5. The 77's | Film At 11
Sort of obscure band from the late 80s/90s. A mixed bag of records, they got a little too bluesy for me at some points but they had an album called Drowning With Land In Site that left a pretty big mark on me musically. The highlight of that record is Film At 11, a great pop gem in the midst of some noisy, dirty 90's rock.

6. Tommy James And The Shondells | Crimson And Clover
As soon as those opening chords hit, I'm done. It just kills me. I could listen on repeat all day.

7. The Beach Boys | Hang On To Your Ego
My favourite song from my favourite Beach Boys record. There are many great songs to choose from but this one it the most emotional I think. Something sad about it in contrast to the happy vibe The Beach Boys usually give off.

8. The Monks | Drugs In My Pocket
Great bass line. Great attitude. One of the best album covers ever.

9. The Rolling Stones | Wild Horses
It's hard for me to choose between The Clash and The Stones for best band ever, but this song is probably my favourite from a great record.

10. Ryan Adams | Come Pick Me Up
Depressing as hell . It takes some guts to drop fuck into a slow song but this was when Ryan Adams was at his best . He's been hit and miss since Heartbreaker but this album and Strangers Almanac by Whiskeytown were big big records for me.

SIDE E | by Curt Jackson

1. Psychedelic Furs | Dumb Waiters
The song showcases the band's ability to take kitschy instrumentation and melody lines and make them sound genuine and tasteful. There are times when the song borders on the line of being kitschy or cheesey...But the closer to that line they get without breaching it, the cooler they seem to me.

2. Soundgarden | Jesus Christ Pose
My favourite of Matt Cameron's contributions to the ambitious rhythm section of Soundgarden (I think he has writing credits on this one too)...It was also at a time when Chris Cornell's hair still ticked his shoulder blades.

3. The Cure | Burn
I've always been more drawn to The Cure's darker side...The placement of this song in the movie The Crow likely has a lot to do with me putting it here. Lost love, righteous revenge, and The Cure - badass.

4. Radiohead | Weird Fishes
It's hard for me choose one of Radiohead's songs and call it my favourite. In Rainbows seems to be influenced by all of their previous albums. It was amazing to me how quickly In Rainbows began to influence the indie music scene. Weird Fishes stands out in that album to me.

5. The Dears | We Can Have It
To borrow a quote from Colin Spencer, The Dears are Canada's Radiohead. They have that rare ability of making unconventional and obscure compositions sound immediately warm and familiar. It's also cool when a lyricist can write lyrics that look lame as hell on paper, but when sung they take on a sort of sincerity or coolness that you couldn't see in them before...I think Murray does that really well.

6. Tool | Forty Six And Two
If I could count the album (├ćnima) as one song to put on this list...I would. Forty Six And Two gets the nod here because of Danny Carey's signature drum solo. Tool's ability to produce quality and memorable music without the aid of any readily identifiable hooks or formulaic song structures is also very impressive to me.

7. Blue Oyster Cult | Don't Fear The Reaper
Something about the combination of futility and hopefulness in the lyrics makes me weep like a school boy that scraped his knees in front of his childhood love. We're all gonna die...Fuck it. Get off your bloody knees and make out with her in the school yard!

8. Battles | Tonto
I love unconventional shit. This song has some of that shit. Unpredictable arrangements...Patient, drawn out build-ups that topple over eachother in waves...Every instrument in syncopated rhythms, revolving around a single pulse...I think if you heard it in a science fiction movie you'd believe that it's a style of music that could be occupy a popular space in the future.

9. Bruce Springsteen | I'm On Fire
One of his classics...The contrast between the tempered lyrics and the subdued way he sings them makes me sometimes wish the song would break wide open with Bruce screaming at the top of his lungs. Inspiring that feeling is what makes the song great to me. The song itself seems like it's keeping something bottled up inside.

10. U2 | Bullet The Blue Sky
Opens with such a slick and catchy beat...Bullet The Blue Sky showed how dark and attitudinal U2 could get. Feels like everyone in the band is playing just a little bit harder than usual.