WARMER MIXTAPES #78 | by Rachel Skardis [Black Holy]

These are just ten songs that make me feel. Feel strongly, whether it be sad, or saudade or heartbroken. Well, my favorite songs always make me feel a bit heartbroken. Happy people never fantasize, innit? Does art come from happiness? You can probably guess what opinion I am of.

1. A Mountain Of One | Innocent Line
This song is beautiful. AMO1 are fantastic. I always fall in love with innocence, sincerity that doesn't compromise. This song reminds me of that feeling I'm always trying to put my arms around.

2. P.M. Dawn | Looking Through Patient Eyes
If you've ever loved someone so much, and could not live up to the standards they set, and it disturbed your soul, this is a great song. Plus Cathy Dennis sings on it. If I had my own religion, this would be one of the hymns.

3. jj | My Hopes And Dreams
Yeah girl, tell 'em! I don't really know what to say, except this song is just perfect. It's sad but playful. Ditto. jj is the best, right?

4. The Everly Brothers | All I Have To Do Is Dream
I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine. Anytime, night or day. Only trouble is, gee whiz, I'm dreaming my life away.

5. The Darling Buds | You've Gotta Choose
I sent this song to a friend ages ago. He's mad at me and won't talk to me right now. I hope he reads this and forgives me. Because I'm super sorry and I love him to bits. Like a bison loves sweetgrass. Nom Nom.

6. The Field Mice | It Isn't Forever
I long to hold you. I long to kiss you. I long for us to be best friends. I'm crazy about you...This is simply the best and truest and most perfect love song. *all siiiiigh together now*

7. Fredrik Liiv | Turn Straight Ahead
Fredrik is a great producer, and this is my favorite song of his. I think it has like 120 plays according to my iTunes. You can download it por no dinero on his website, which is just crazy because it's so nice.

8. Nick DeCaro | Under The Jamaican Moon
Summer flings. Aren't they the best/worst? Ask anyone, I'm always coming or going. Do what you need to do to hunt this song down, it's so bueno.

9. Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark | So In Love
This is the best OMD song. If you disagree, your opinion is wrong.

10. New Radicals | You Get What You Give