WARMER MIXTAPES #93 | by Mikey Lee [Coralcola]

1. Orbital | Halcyon + On + On
I first heard this tune in the movie Hackers and then listened to it while I tried to run progz on a 1ghz Packard Bell with a 14.4k modem. It also taught me not to be afraid to make a song longer than 5 minutes.

2. m83 | Run Into Flowers
This song is senior year of high school. My John Hughes soundtrack. My weekends & the summer & my dreams in the city.

3. My Bloody Valentine | When You Sleep
Used this song on many a mixtape back in the days. A beautiful dirty pop song. I absolutely love the mix with the vocals hushed all low. And that unforgettable lead line in. This whole album is very dear to me.

4. Joy Division | Disorder
Peter Hook is what really gets me on this one. I've always had a thing for the Joy Divison/New Order basslines. Great riff. Haunting lyrics, and those synth washes are great too. Martin Hannett doing what he did best.

5. Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark | Almost
Martin Hannett again. Great synths, great bassline, crazy ass hiss percussion. It's just so warm.

6. Burial | Homeless
It's too damn hard to pick a favorite Burial tune. Every single one of them has a place in my heart. I usually only listen to Burial from the hours of 2-7am, but it tends to be a whole lot. The muted hoover stabs in this one are too good.

7. Aphex Twin | Xtal
The brilliant opener to saw8286. The hiss that I miss. Chiller than chillwave. It's like floating down the lazy river into the chillwavepool.

8. Mr. Fingers | Can You Feel It
My definitive Chicago house jam. Maybe the best synth pad I've ever heard. If you hear this track and don't start dancing immediately I don't think you're my friend.

9. The Knife | Heartbeats
From the moment this song starts you just start swaying into it. The steel drums come in and that fill drops and one of the most beautiful voices ever recorded serenades you. By the time the hook drops you're in love.

10. Depeche Mode | But Not Tonight
Martin Lee Gore is my hero. The Black Celebration record is in my top 5 records of all time. This sad little pop song tucked away at the end is just another one of those songs that instantly brings me back to a certain place in time that I never wanted to end.

+11. Boards Of Canada | Happy Cycling
The brothers Sandison! How could I pick one tune off this...What may just be my favourite record of all time?...The seagulls make me feel I'm at this particularly trashy but lovely beach in New Hampshire at sunrise in August. I wish my little brother would stop working on his car and make some tunes with me.

+12. Brian Eno | Here Come The Warm Jets
Great fucking riff. Fading in the drums and the vocals (which no one really knows). One of my dreams is to find a bar with this song on the jukebox.