WARMER MIXTAPES #94 | by William Jonasson Cohen [Ishi vu]

What kind of music do you like? is a question that did my head in for years, because I had no clue. In retrospective I was definitely on the wrong course sometimes. In my eyes, I was starving for my music, and clinging on to the small fragments of it I could come across. I knew I didn't want to make a hot-list out of this, because it wouldn't make interesting reading material, and let's face it, what we're really here for is the chance to venture into eachother's minds. I've made a sort of chronological progress of my musical encounters with this list. Call it a timeline. They might not all be significant today, but they are what made me and that's what this is about, right?

1. Hanson | MMMBop
This song is close to heart to me. Whenever I heard it I would get filled with a wonderful, revolving mass of warm energy, happy no matter what. First band I ever loved, and accompanied by behemoth acts such as the Backstreet Boys. What can I say?

2. Boomfunk MC's | Freestyler
My younger years had my electronic heart starving. This song (accompanied by an astounding video) superinfused my head with so much awe I was more hyped than a mouse on crack.

3. The NES Batman soundtrack
I never did reach the second level of this game. But because of the music, I didn't care. It was a bubbly sensation of mysticism, and a complete new taste for me. I've adored the now retro sound ever since.

4. Phatts & Small | Turn Around
The first French touch wave was prosperous during my youth. One of my strongest and earliest musical memories is me playing with a robot action figure to this song in the backseat of our Volvo 740. I never got to know who did it though. I looked for this song for years, and before I could find it, it was like a lost love. You know what I mean.

5. Curtis Mayfield | Move On Up
This is the antidote for sadness. Makes me wanna dance like a fool would.

6. Laura Branigan | Self Control
GTA: Vice City has one of the most lush and thick atmospheres ever. Just thinking about the game can stir up emotions for me, listening to the music takes it one step further.

7. Chromeo | Needy Girl
This song hit alot of my sweet spots. Energetic, light-weight synthwork, cathcy talkbox hooks and a funky flavour.

8. The Tough Alliance | 1981-
I have to say this song and its relatives are strongly undercut in this mixtape. The Göteborgian pop movement will always be close-to-heart, and this song might be its soul. I once called this song Diamonds, And Waves Crashing Against Cliffs. Add a setting Sun towards the end, and I think we've pretty much nailed it. I have so many summer memories connected to this song it ain't even funny.

9. Danger | 19h11
Danger is a fresh gust of wind to me. I'm mesmerized by his way of making the retro sound so fresh. His work takes me to surrealistic dystopias, and deep undiscovered jungles. This isn't so much about love and lust as the other tracks, but rather some sort of curiousity for the unknown and dark.

10. datA | Aerius Light (Breakbot Remix)
Speaks to my soul. Embodies all of those afternoons that just stand still. But at the same time, it's me running down an asphalt street during a swedish summery childhood. Warmth.