WARMER MIXTAPES #103 | by Samuel Riot [WILDLIFE!/Young Palace]

1. Coil | Here To Here (Double Headed Secret)
Probably one of my favorite pieces of Music of all time. The simplicity and beauty of this lovely tune (based on just one chord) is simply mind blowing.

2. Arnold Schoenberg | 5 Pieces For Orchestra, Op.16: Sommermorgen An Einem See (Played by The Cleveland Orchestra; conductor: Christoph von Dohnányi
I don’t know much about Schoenberg’s work to be honest, but a teacher of mine introduced me to this Textural masterpiece a couple of years ago and it has remained one of the most played tracks on my phone.

3. Phil Collins | In The Air Tonight (Screwed & Chopped by DJ Screw) (from Chapter 178: In The Zone)
Not gonna lie, I am a HUGE fan of Phil CollinsMusic (and of a LOT of 80s Pop for that matter), and the way DJ Screw’s treatment of this already amazing track brings out a whole other Textural and Emotional dimension show’s what a Musical Genius the late Texan deejay really was.

4. Harold Budd, Ruben Garcia, Daniel Lentz | The Messenger
A dear friend of mine recently introduced me to Harold Budd’s Music… What can I say… How fucking beautiful is that stuff?!

5. Arthur Russell | Soon​-​To​-​Be Innocent Fun​/​Let's See
I love Arthur Russell’s Music sooo soo much and this is one of my current favorites from his vast catalogue.

6. Teiji Ito | Meshes Of The Afternoon
A beautiful piece Teiji Ito wrote for Maya Deren’s famous film of the same name.

7. Fleetwood Mac | Everywhere
Fleetwod Mac’s Tango In The Night somehow weirdly became my go to album to listen to whenever I go to the beach. I can’t really explain it, but it just makes me feel very happy and romantically joyful.

8. Nitty Gritty | Good Morning Teacher
Jamaican Music has been a big part of my musical diet of the past two decades and as much as love all the Contemporary stuff that’s currently coming from the island, Eighties and Nineties stuff holds a very special place in my heart.

9. Morton Feldman | Piano And String Quartet (Performed by Kronos Quartet with Aki Takahashi)
One of my favorite pieces of Music for traveling.

10. Eliane Radigue | Adnos I
Textural Bliss. I admire Eliane Radigue. There’s a great documentary on her and her methods on Vimeo (A Portrait Of Eliane Radigue). You should watch it.