WARMER MIXTAPES #104 | by Matthias Wendl [Airport Angst]

1. Hüsker Dü | These Important Years
I bought this record for 3 Deutschmarks when I was 12. It was my grandma's birthday and I was supposed to stay at her house for the whole day after purchasing the record. I wanted to listen to the record so badly, but the record player was in the living room and the mainly older party guests had already arrived for coffee and cake. I remember playing the record so quietly and pushing my ear against the speakers that I could only hear some indistinct noise. I liked it a lot, even though the guys with the mustaches on the backcover seemed a little strange.

2. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | For Kate I Wait
I think he's a genius. My good friend Hans showed me the video to this song in 2006 and I immediately fell in love with it. Ariel's basslines are crazy. It sounded so fresh to me and I still can't tell how he creates all this weird sounds, but I'm not alone with this mystery anymore.

3. Manuel Göttsching | E2-E4
Along with Klaus Schulze he's the mastermind of early German electronic music. One hour of pure synthesizer joy. One big flow.

4. Bad Brains | Sailin' On
Years ago I really was into hardcore/punk music. When I listen to the raw energy and the speed of this song now, I know why.

5. Genesis | Carpet Crawlers
I know it's hard to mention Genesis and Phil Collins here, but hey, he's not Bono. I listened to a lot of ProgRock when I was in 8th grade. Very cheesy though, but I AM cheesy!

6. R. Stevie Moore | Part Of The Problem
He's a lo-fi pioneer. He has been writing tons of songs since 1957 and some are really likeable. Part Of The Problem is a hit.

7. The Feelies | Moscow Nights
On a very cold winter day in 2005 I went to a vintage-whatever shop and bought the Crazy Rhythms record. I didn't know the band, but the cover art was very promising. I also picked my first and only computer game I ever bought - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. My room-mate Markus and I spent 3 days playing virtual skateboarding and listened to Crazy Rhythms about a hundred times.

8. Kate Bush | Wuthering Heights
The video fascinated me when I was a kid. I watched the video one minute ago on YouTube and it's still good.

9. The Beach Boys | All I Wanna Do
I'm a huge Beach Boys fan. I remember listening to the Sunflower album on a hot summer day cycling to a local outdoor swimming-pool. The streets where shimmering and the water was perfect then.

10. The Rubinoos | I Think We Are Alone Now
I always liked the cover version of this song by Tiffany. I recently listened to quite a number of Power Pop bands and discovered the original version by The Rubinoos, which is much better.