WARMER MIXTAPES #106 | by Ed Mazzucco of The Autocollants, Evening Lights, Monterey and Tears Run Rings

I had to pick 15 (10 is too hard).

1. New Order | Age Of Consent
I'll go down in saying this is the best bass line ever written!

2. Felt | My Face Is On Fire
This song is how I fell in love with Felt.

3. Pale Saints | Half-Life, Remembered
I never liked anything on 4AD until I heard this single. Ian Masters is genius!

4. The Wedding Present | Nobody's Twisting Your Arm
I love the entire Reception Records catalogue. This song in particular is a jangle-pop guitarist's user manual.

5. Moose | Uptown Invisible
Probably the most criminally under-rated of bands known to man!

6. Slowdive | Slowdive
This song pretty much changed everything about music for me.

7. Ride | Vapour Trail
Same goes for this one! Still so timeless and amazing!

8. The Wild Swans | God Forbid
B-side of my all-time favorite 12" single.

9. James | If Things Were Perfect
When James were perfect!

10. Bomb Pops | Girl Daredevil
Probably the best indiepop song ever written!

+11. The Gist | Love At First Sight
A-side of my favorite Rough Trade 7". Heals the soul.

+12. The Icicle Works | Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)
When I started my obsession with 80s Liverpool bands.

+13. The House Of Love | Christine
Another Creation classic. I'm still so in love with that haunting guitar sound. The video is also amazing.

+14. Languis | Times Are Changing
Has to be my favorite song written in the last decade.

+15. The Radio Dept. | Lost And Found
...Still gives me goosebumps.