WARMER MIXTAPES #105 | by Adam Daver [prds/Karibien] of Kap Verde and Iwy

1. Solu Music | Fade (feat. Kimblee)
I’ve never been in Indonesia. I can’t surf. I guess you could say anything about Lounge Music, but I love it. (I don’t even know if this is Lounge…) This song gives me the chills. It takes me to Indonesia. It makes me surf.

2. Air France | Never Content
This song made me love music. According to iTunes, I’ve listened to it over 400 times. The On Trade Winds EP is still in my stereo, it has been since 2006. I’m always listening to this tune on airports. This is my airport track.

3. Prince | I Would Die 4 U (Purple Rain Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I remember sitting in this hot bus with beautiful mountains surrounding me. The windows were tinted so everything outside was purple. I was on King's Road in Jordan. Heading to Petra, one of the World’s seven wonders. Once, we drove past a mountain village. Kids were playing football with cloths as goal posts. Old women starred at me through the tinted window. Men walking by. Children waving to me. Prince - I Would Die 4 U on repeat.

4. Iron Maiden | Run To The Hills
I'm a guitarist. Not a good one, but I've played the guitar for some years. I play in a band with two of my friends. We've never really made a whole song, but if we ever will, I hope it will be like this one. The guitar-riff in the beginning is heavy.

5. The Style Council | Long Hot Summer
The best summer tune ever made. Perfect for summer evenings in Stockholm. I use to walk through Gamla Stan, Old Town, with this tune in my headphones. Use to stop by at Comics Heaven, my favorite comic book store, buy a few Batman issues and read them by the water along Munkbroleden.

6. Jay-Z + Alicia Keys | Empire State Of Mind
This song makes me immortal, it makes me do things I usually would not do. Things that will make people remember me.

7. Curtis Mayfield | Move On Up
This is a must have in every playlist. I was once on a cruise through the Caribbean. This track somehow reminds me of that, even though I was too young to really remember anything from the trip. Something I do remember though is that they had an ice-cream bar on the boat.

8. Icehouse | Don’t Believe Anymore (Ivan Gough & Colin Snape Remix)
What can I say? It’s dreamy and it gives me needs. Tropical Needs.

9. TV On The Radio | Dry Drunk Emperor
I rarely listen to the lyrics in a song, but I’ve understand that this song is political. I don’t really care that much. This is however one of the best songs of all times. Can’t remember when I first discovered it. Must have been three or four years ago.

10. Eric Serra | Deep Blue Dream
This song was made for the movie Le Grand Bleu, The Big Blue. I’ve seen that film twice in my life, and both times I have been completely stunned by it.