WARMER MIXTAPES #108 | by Adam Honingford of The Bilinda Butchers

1. João Gilberto | Insensatez
In my early and mid-teenage years, I was separated from my friends (including and especially Michalek) for several years. During this period of isolation is when I was most immersed in music. I went through a long bossa nova phase, and songs like Insensatez helped me (and continue to help me) remember that beautiful, wonderful things can be born from sorrow.

2. Rocketship | You're Too Young
This is a youth anthem done properly, by none other than indie pop favorite Rocketship! In a way, it's essentially saying what most other youth anthems say: Fuck what other people are telling you and do what you want to do!, but it's all so sincere (like all of Rocketship's music), and the lead guitar part towards the middle is so catchy, that you can't help but believe what he's saying is true and absolutely right. While, like many other fans, I favor the first album, I really do love this song.

3. Shocking Pinks | You Can Make Me Feel Bad (Arthur Russell Cover)
Now, a cover of an Arthur Russell song by Nick Harte. This is the song I listen to on repeat on rainy days (of which there have been more than a few lately). There's a place for us in the real world is a lyric that begs to be applied to one's own life.

4. of Montreal | At Night Trees Aren't Sleeping
Like many indie nerds (at least among the indie nerds I've met), I went through an Elephant 6 phase. I was excited to realize that actual, somewhat normal people were behind the music I was listening to. Cherry Peel is still one of my favorites. This song is brilliant...The line We're only waiting here to die...At least let me wrap my arms around you... is one that I will never stop loving.

5. Win A Sheep Free | Any Wonder Is No Wonder
Win A Sheep Free is a sadly forgotten Japanese group whose small body of work is one that I will always cherish. Their work has played such an important role in my listening habits and tastes for the past five years or so that I've made it a personal mission to share it with as many other people as possible.

6. Lily Chou-Chou | Arabesque
Another Japanese artist, though one undoubtedly more familiar to fans of foreign music and film. All About Lily Chou-Chou is an acclaimed Japanese film about the tensions of coming of age, and Lily Chou-Chou is actually a fictional artist within the universe of the film. This song, as well as others from the film's soundtrack, were composed by Takeshi Kobayashi, and the vocals were provided by Salyu (who was unknown before the film was released). I chose this song because not only is it beautiful in it's own right, but All About Lily Chou-Chou is one of my favorite films.

7. John Lennon | Look At Me
Though it's probably not apparent in our songs, Michalek and I first met at age thirteen and became friends due to a common affinity for The Beatles. His favorite was George, mine was John. Say what you will about each of the members' solo careers, but John Lennon knew how to write love songs, and this is a prime example. I can recall more than a few times when I've found myself laying in bed, lonesome and forlorn, listening to this gorgeous composition on repeat.

8. Luminous Orange | Before Last Night
Another group from Japan, and one of my absolute favorites. Rie Takeuchi, who provides vocals and writes the music for this group, is in my opinion one of the most talented people around these days. Luminous Orange is often too quickly passed off as a shoegaze group, but there are a wide variety of influences apparent in their music, and this breezy song demonstrates Rie's penchant for variety.

9. The Softies | Pack Your Things And Go
The Softies represent to me the quintessential indie pop group. This song is heartbreaking, and it's been my crutch in many times of need. I saw Rose Melberg with some friends a while ago, and it was one of the most pleasant and intimate shows I've ever been to.

10. Beach House | Home Again
Beach House is a group I respect immensely, and I've listened to their first two albums too many times to count. Devotion, especially, is a masterpiece and in my opinion one of the most pleasantly cohesive albums in recent memory. This song is particularly significant to me...It reminds me of a special person and a special time in my life.