WARMER MIXTAPES #109 | by Annelie and Klas Blomstrand of The Talking Two

SIDE A: From A Darling | by Annelie Blomstrand

1. David Bowie | Starman
The first time I heard Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars I broke down and cried. After that, my whole world changed. It was me and my mainman. I can’t say that it was for better or for worse. I guess it’s just the way it was meant to be…

2. Prince | International Lover
This is your pilot Prince speaking...U r flying aboard the Seduction 747...This plane is fully equipped with anything your body desires...Welcome 2 Satisfaction...

3. Peter Ivers | I’m Sorry Alice
I was obsessed with Peter Ivers for a while, and listening today, I get the same feeling of decadence and intimity.

4. Serge Gainsbourg | Love On The Beat
French Bastard!

5. Junior Boys | In The Morning
And the beat goes on…Always the beat. I’m so happy that it never ends!

6. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Risky (feat. Iggy Pop)
This is pop mother, Iggy Pop! No risk in putting these two together. The one and only Sakamoto released the voice to unimagined heights. A match made in heaven.

7. Cockney Rebel | Singular Band
Cockney Rebel, where can I begin?...My Biba braces are making me so cruel?...But that was in swinging London and not even in this track. A hell of a drummer this is anyway.

8. Air | Sing Sang Sung
It sounds simple, but it’s an art keeping it simple. So smooth and so beautiful. And the lyrics, just sing sang sung

9. Isaac Hayes | Joy
If you’re not in the mood, 15:55 minutes of Joy will do it!

10. Flight Of The Conchords | Foux Du Fafa
Okey. I’m bored, really bored and I haven’t got a clue what to listen to, it all sucks. Foux Du Fafa again? Yeees, this is a real lifesaver. Sing along: Foux Du Fa Fa, Foux Du Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa, Foux Du Fa Fa, Ah ee ah!...

SIDE B: From A Classic One | by Klas Blomstrand

1. T.Rex | Mambo Sun
When I first heard T.Rex I was too small to understand it. Years later I eventually got it and since then, Marc Bolan has been a great inspiration to me.

2. Sex Pistols | Anarchy In The UK
Being a young teenager listening to music for the wrong reasons, suddenly this raw energy appears in front of me. Yeah! I wanna be in a band and play music to. How difficult can it be?

3. The The | This Is The Day
This is the day...Your life will surely change...It certainly did.

4. Alaska Y Dinarama | Ni Tu, Ni Nadie
It’s strange but it’s true. These people have been a major influence on me since the early eighties.

5. The Jesus & Mary Chain | April Skies
It’s simple, distorted, lots of reverb and two crazy brothers. What more can you ask for?

6. Ash | Angel Interceptor
Great song from a fantastic debut album by (at the time) this really young band. They continue to deliver the goods and yes, they’re still young.

7. Black Box Recorder | Start As You Mean To Go On
Luke Haines is a really great songwriter but not the best singer in the world. A good move then, that he teamed up with Sarah and John.

8. Glass Candy | Rolling Down The Hills
Simply because italians do it better.

9. Plasticines | Barcelona
There’s always something special with french people trying to play rock’n’roll. And that’s a good thing.

10. Marina And The Diamonds | Hollywood
I seem to have a thing for female singers. Marina has a really lovely voice and a gorgeous look. And the fact that I woke up this morning with this song in my head must have some kind of meaning. Am I in love?