WARMER MIXTAPES #110 | by James Tyler Haran and Hatii Rose De Leon of Dazzle Ships

SIDE A | by James Tyler Haran

1. Modest Mouse | Gravity Rides Everything
I remember hearing shit luck in the skate video Welcome To Hell and really really digging it. After further looking into there albums I discovered Gravity Rides Everything which completely blew my 13 year old mind and changed how I looked at music forever. The lyrics, production, guitar, everything are just perfect.

2. New Order | Ceremony
I just realized my top 2 songs are both in minivan commercials....This song will always move me. I will forever rip off the guitar and bass riffs. I can picture myself as a middle-aged dad driving in a minivan on a road trip with 3 shitty kids screaming and putting this song on and completely forgetting about my shitty life as an old person.

3. Talking Heads | This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
I listen to this song every time I am driving at night by myself down a completely desolate freeway. This song makes me feel comfortable.

4. Seal | Kiss From A Rose
This song is so ridiculous I love it. I don't know why. I remember hearing it in a Wal-Mart when I was very very young while my dad was buying me ice cream. So I have good memories attached to it.

5. The Birthday Party | Mr. Clarinet
This song is so perfect, so driving with so much attitude. This song reminds me of my best friends, driving down the road at excessive speeds blaring this song and screaming the lyrics.

6. Ariel Pink | For Kate I Wait
A classic. So lovely and dreamy. My favorite part is at about 2:40. Pure bliss.

7. Felt | Mexican Bandits
Great guitar song by a great guitar band.

8. The Stranglers | Golden Brown
This song is so elegant. I am going to cover this one day.

9. Broadcast | Tender Buttons
I love Broadcast. I love everything about them. The drum machine, the guitar, the disconnected vocals. I love this song especially.

10. Sonic Youth | Mote
All time favorite.

+11. Aphex Twin | Windowlicker
I like this song because I have no idea how he made it. It has some insane production and that fascinates me. Plus the super catchy vocals that come in at 1:36 are just great.

+12. My Bloody Valentine | Touched
Also Hatii's fav...A weird choice because it's a minute long drone thing. The drummer wrote this song and it's the only time he is featured on the album. He was replaced with a drum machine.

SIDE B | by Hatii Rose De Leon

1. Q Lazarus | Goodbye Horses
This song reminds me of a lot of great times and it makes me feel really good whenever I hear it.

2. Vitas | Prosvyachenie
I went through a period of time where I was really into this insane Russian pop artists that could sing notes only attainable by altar boys, one of my favorite songs of his was Prosvyachenie which is funny because it has absolutely no lyrics but a lot of vocals. I remember my older sister Tessa would make fun of me for it and call it the Fa va fee va song. I'm reminded of her every time I listen to it. She's been missing for over a year.

3. Niccolò Paganini | Caprice No. 4
If there ever was a song that could express human emotion without lyrics it would be this one. I love it's roller coaster of speech, from sadness, to excitement, back and forth. Truly a song I will love all my life. A great version of it is performed by a virtuoso named TianWa Yeung.

4. Sparks | Sherlock Holmes
Listening to this song reminds me of being in love. Nuff said.

5. Ludwig Van Beethoven | Piano Sonata No. 8 In C Minor, Op. 13 (Sonata Pathétique)
This song reminds me of everything I felt while I was going through a tough time in my life. It brings me back but also reminds me how far I've come and the saying this too shall pass. Life goes on, and that's what this song means to me. I like this version performed by Cambry.

6. David Bowie | As The World Falls Down
This song is from the Jim Henson movie The Labyrinth. David Bowie wrote most of the music and As The World Falls Down is easily one of my favorite songs from him, despite being made for a kids movie. It's dreamy, catchy, and something I love to sing every time I take a shower. I really want to make a cover of it.

7. Ichiko Hashimoto | Yume No Tamago
Only the Japanese version of course. I'll admit that I am a pretty big snerd, and I like to watch Japanese animation. This song is from a soundtrack from one of my favorite series, I fell in love with its dreamy sound the first time I heard it.

8. Sergei Rachmaninoff | Cello Sonata In G Minor
This was one of the contributing songs that made me buy and learn how to play a cello. I think of deep rainy blue days when I hear the trickling of the piano and the sullen tones of the cello. It makes my chest swell.

9. Donna Burke | Shadow Of Sorrow
If I was ever to think of a song that would represent the ending of a great love.

10. Niccolò Paganini | Caprice No. 24
This song needs no introduction.