WARMER MIXTAPES #95 | by Marcus Anthony Cotten [Channel In Channel Out]/(The Starcity Saga, 737)

First I would like to start by saying I am more of a albums/records kind of guy, but the fun thing about this mixtape for me is that it makes me have to think about music differently then I normally would. I usually don't think about what my 10 favorite songs are. I probably would be better at listing my favorite 10 albums or my favorite pieces from composers. So I will take this opportunity to talk about 10 songs or pieces that I really love because honestly I really don't have 10 favorites.

1. Alfred Schnittke | Peer Gynt: Epiloque, For Violoncello, Piano And Tape
The thing that I like about this piece from Alfred Schnittke is that there is a beautiful tape sample of a choir humming gently in the background in this recording.That tape sample is invisible at times but it also holds the piece together in my mind. The piece takes many of twists and turns a true musical adventure. Alfred Schnittke was also my introduction to the world of experimental classical music and my favorite composer yet.

2. Syd Barrett | The Octopus/Clowns And Jugglers
This song comes from Syd Barret's solo album The Madcap Laughs. In the song The Octopus as well as the full album the imperfections with song are the perfect imperfections which makes it a truly honest album. My favorite thing about Syd Barrett is that he always has a unique way with words.

3. The Police | I See Spirits In The Material World
This song sticks out to me because I still have a tape player in my car and for some reason the album The Ghost In The Machine sounds so good on cassette tape. I have this album on three formats - vinyl, cd and cassette tape - and the tape is the winner.

4. Arvo Pärt | Fratres (Played by Gil Shaham & Roger Carlsson with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Neeme Järvi)
Fratres has a urgent feel to it, but yet so relaxed but so imperative that it gets to its destination passionately but gently. I don't say this lightly...Probably one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard in my life time.

5. The Shins | Kissing The Lipless
I love this song from The Shins because the opening is just so good from the time you start the CD. The lyrics are so direct but indirect at the same time. I seen them perform the album Chutes And Ladders and they started the set off with Kissing The Lipless. It was magic.

6. At The Drive-In | Arcarsenal
Arcarsenal is one of my all time raining favorites. It's probably one of the artists I have been listening to the longest on this play list. This song is the first track off there album The Relationship Of Command. At The Drive-In always had thoughtful and witty lyrics and their guitar blend was truly unique.This song is a classic affirmation of all of that.

7. Deftones | Knife Party
The song Knife Party is probably the smoothest strummed song I have ever heard. Deftones really have away of strumming their guitars so beautifully even when it gets really heavy the smoothness maintains. They will probably always make my all time list. The bass line played by Chi Cheng is definitely what makes this song a classic for me.

8. John Coltrane | Mars
Mars is from the album Interstellar Space. It's one of those I hardly could listen too because it was really chaotic but it grew on my with every listen. My favorite thing about this piece is how emmence the sound is and it's just John Coltrane and his drummer Rashied Ali alone. Also John Coltrane on many occasions on this album somehow gets his saxophone to sound like a 8bit Nintendo game. So much fun on Saturdays.

9. Múm | Moon Pulls
I really fell in love with this song because of the piano sound on this track. It reminds of your grandma's old piano that has been in your family for generations.The piano and the vocals together really just hit the nail on the head. Múm has always been one of my favorite artists because their songs are always so playful but also really creative. It's just really fun to listen to.

10. Gene Krupa And Buddy Rich | The Drum Battle
The Drum Battle is from the great drum battle where Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich have a showdown. The magic really happens when you listen to this drum battle on vinyl, it just jumps right off the speakers. It's a live recording and they really just break out some unthinkable beats on a 1940s jazz drumkit...It's alot of fun even if swing isn't your thing.