WARMER MIXTAPES #114 | by Hollie Hensman and Derek George of Brusque Twins

This is called 20 Favorite Songs Of All Time (Right Now). We must say we found this process a little difficult and the results are a little embarrassing (if not unintelligible). But, it was definitely a worthwhile endeavor. By the way, our room mate took our pic.

1. Harold Budd | Sandtreader
Amazingly tranquil and warm. This track transports you into outer space. Floating in awe without gravity. A beautiful sound lull.

2. Cloud One | Atmosphere Strut
From out of the lull, fall into the decidedly different space occupied by Mr. Patrick Adams. This man was responsible for a number of disco hits in the 70’s and 80’s. Cloud One was a studio only project and their records aren’t easy to find. I was very excited when I tracked this 12” down in Montreal a few months ago. We’re gonna fly away…

3. Arthur Russell | Springfield
Lord and master of pretty and weird sounds. Springfield is a thoroughly mangled disco track. The awkwardness of his voice coupled with the melancholy melody reminds me of trying to get action when I was 13 years old.

4. Prince | Uptown
This is my favorite Prince song. Has this endearing lo-fi charm.

5. Siouxsie & The Banshee’s | Red Light
Sexy deep synth and vocals. Something about the beat really strikes me in an animalistic way.

6. Deux | Polaroid-Roman-Photo
Another song about cameras. We love songs about cameras! Actually, we love French-Synth-Wave. I draw inspiration from the way in which a lot of these bands mixed electronic and punk aesthetics.

7. Goblin | Suspiria
This is the first song I heard from Goblin. It encompasses my love for all that is dark without crossing over into the realm of hard. Quite possibly the best movie theme of all time. Definitely the best horror theme. We love Goblin.

8. Severed Heads | Dead Eyes Opened
More lo-fi love. These are the sounds of sloshing liquid mixed with Uncle Bernstable mixed with a water fountain light show.

9. Steve Reich | Different Trains
Mind blowing. Life changing. Completely changed the way I view music. I can actually visualize the layers of music unfolding.

10. Neil Young & Crazy Horse | Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)
I could pretty much put any Neil Young song in here. However, I love this harder, more distorted side of him.

+11. Fleetwood Mac | Dreams
In a perfect world it’s 1977 and everyone is drunk in a hug circle singing along to this song at the top of their lungs with frizzy hair and bellbottoms. Complete no-brainer.

+12. The Isley Brothers | Voyage To Atlantis
It’s still 1977. You can’t front on the Isley’s - the gods of urban music. I think a good portion of 30 something’s were conceived to this track. The chorus just slays it: I’ll always come back to you. Complemented perfectly by that intertwining guitar melody. Atlantis!

+13. Shalamar | There It Is
Probably the most popular group on Dick Griffey’s Solar Record label. These guys really perfected that early 80’s post-disco aesthetic. Probably our favorite sound right now. I love you Howard Hewitt. I love you Jody Whatley. I love you Jeffrey Daniel.

+14. Aurra | Make Up Your Mind
Another track from the boogie era. This is just sweet.

+15. Master C & J | When You Hold Me
This track gives me goosebumps. It causes involuntary movement and/or pregnancy (note: this can be applied to anyone of their songs). So good.

+16. Cabaret Voltaire | Nag, Nag, Nag
These guys were always doing something interesting. This song is like a pie in the face. Abrupt, creamy and delicious.

+17. Malaria! | Kaltes Klares Wasser
Malaria! were the shit. They were one of the main inspirations for starting Brusque Twins. Amazingly androgynous sound. Something I aspire to...

+18. The Delfonics | Over And Over
I love their guys voices and the progression of this song. It climaxes like a volcano erupting. Funnily, I find the plaintive chorus somehow uplifting.

+19. Popol Vuh | Through Pains To Heaven II
We love being scared. Haunting voices fill your ears, still leaving an air of come hither cult. Which leads us to...

+20. Aphex Twin | Rhubarb
A divine blend of calming and creepy. This is the perfect song to fall asleep to. It invokes so much emotion I could easily cry every time I listen to it. It’s almost as if there is an Armenian monastic choir chanting and harmonizing my soul into purgatory.