WARMER MIXTAPES #115 | by Björn Wiking of This Is Head

Here's a collection of songs and artists that I've listened to and liked the last year. Some soft and beautiful, some disturbing and raw, but all very good.

1. Andy Votel | Return Of The Spooky Driver
I like the sad childish feeling of this song. Makes me happy.

2. Aa | Fingers To Fist
Saw a live show with Aa not too long ago. Really powerful and impressive. I like their records as well. Don't miss them live if you get the chance.

3. Liars | Drum And The Uncomfortable Can (Liars Re-Mix)
Last year I've listened to Liars very much. Drum's Not Dead and They Were Wrong, So We Drowned are amazing albums. This song is a weird remake from Drum's Not Dead.

4. Lindstrøm | Arp She Said
No comment. Just a song I've listened to lately.

5. The Emperor Machine | Kananana
Nice groove in this one.

6. Can | Future Days
Some things Can did in 1973 is now made again in 2010.

7. Neu! | Isi
Listened to this song and the Neu! '75 album a lot when I started listening to Neu!. A great swedish band called Silverbullit sound like this song.

8. Cocteau Twins | Lorelei
Not one of my long time favorites but started listening to some of their stuff recently. Good pop.

9. David Bowie | Thursday's Child
Bowie has done it all. 70s glam rock, 80s hits, great experimental/ambient stuff on Heroes and Low albums. Here's some 90s Bowie.

10. The Durutti Column | Otis
One of the first songs I heard with Durutti Column. The sound, song and voice immediately struck me and I started listening to more of his works.

+11. D.Lissvik | B4
Dan Lissvik and Studio has made some of the most best modern swedish records/recordings. Great sound, melodies and atmosphere. An influence for us and many others.