WARMER MIXTAPES #116 | by Jesse Kanda [Friend]

1. Chet Baker | My Ideal
My friend Anita first introduced me to Chet Baker. There's nothing better than laying in bed listening to his amazing voice. One of a kind. There's a very very beautiful documentary on him by Bruce Weber.

2. The Band | The Weight
My dad is a real blues man and I'm proud to say I grew up on very good music. This is one of the great songs that was burned into my skull growing up. It makes me think of our old living room on a weekend with The Sun shining through the windows. Anndddd aanddd aaandddd...

3. Yellow Magic Orchestra | Perspective
I'm a huge admirer of Ryuichi Sakamoto. There are a few great Japanese geniuses in the mass of corporation robots that make up most of the country and I think he is one of them, alongside Hayao Miyazaki, Takeshi Kitano, and Joe Hisaishi.

4. Studio | West Side
My friend Erik from Canada came to London for a visit the summer (2007) I moved here. He put some music on my computer and Studio's West Coast was one of them. It kind of sat there for about 6 months being played very rarely, but I slowly started to realise how complex and beautiful this album is. You could say this album was my soundtrack to my late teens and a towering inspiration in music production when I started my own.

5. Fantasy Bags | My Love
My friend Alex and I made this song one night last summer when he was visiting from New York. It was the first time I'd ever made music with anyone else and it was the most amazing music making experience of my life. We were laughing, crying, drinking, and hitting anything we could find in the studio. I'll listen to this when I'm 80 and still laugh at the epic harmonies.

6. Rick Ross | Usual Suspects (feat. Nas)
I played this song for my friends at a dinner party and everybody instantly loved it. We danced to it 2 or 3 times in the same night. A hit!

7. The Stone Roses | Fools Gold 9.53
This song is pure magic...You never get sick of it. It's so simple yet complicated, so rhythmic so catchy and you don't know why. The most cool attitude I've ever heard in a song. The 8 minute version goes by in 2 minutes. I love it so much that my friend gave me her rare copy of the original 12"!

8. Aaliyah | One In A Million
Beautiful melting loving feeling. This one and Rock The Boat.

9. Aaron Broomfield | I'm Gonna Miss Ya
Really beautiful disco song. When I was DJing a friend's party I played this song for my friend Vadik who was moving back to Moscow the next day. The next time I played it it was when I was DJing in Moscow.

10. Paul Bryan | Feel Like I Feel
My friend Lisa introduced me to Paul Bryan. She and I have very similar taste in music. The album is called Listen and every song on there is great. Really funny/honest lyrics. I love this whole sound.