1. Felt | Vasco Da Gama
Delicate and beautiful, this song reminds me of waking up on a rainy spring morning only to find you've been living in an alternate world. My alternate world was being in love.

2. The Durutti Column | The Missing Boy
Vini Reilly's guitar in this song swirls around your head. It makes me think of mid winter loneliness in New York. Sometimes you want to leave the house but can't find the strength to get out of the door.

3. New Order | Temptation
And I've never met anyone like you before...I'll always love this song. It makes the world seem like a happier place. When I first started going out to clubs this was my favorite song to dance to. I hope people still dance to this song 20 years from now.

4. Primal Scream | Slip Inside This House
I wouldn't recommend listening to this song unless you are high on some sort of drug. One night I came home to find my brother dancing alone the kitchen wearing wind pants, sunglasses, and wrapped in a blanket. He was listening to this song on repeat.

5. Trad Gras Och Stenar | All Along The Watchtower
This song haunts me. Picture a cult of Swedish druids covering Bob Dylan and moaning the lyrics over fuzzed out electric pianos. My friend Edson and I listened to this song about 500 times last summer. It was definitely my summer song.

6. Blank Dogs | Tin Birds
When I'm walking around alone at night I listen to this on repeat on my iPod. It makes me walk faster. Sometimes I'll try to guess what the lyrics are, but it never makes sense the way I put them together, so I've stopped trying.

7. Current 93 | Judas As Black Moth II
This is just a beautiful song. I love that you can hear the page turn of the sheet music at around 2:10. The piano is like falling leaves. I like to be alone when I listen to this.

8. The Field | Over The Ice
I made a mix for a friend Rian and put this song on it. I didn't think she'd like it at all, and it turns out it was one of her favorite songs. That made me happy. A good friend played this for me and when I heard it I felt like he was letting me listen to music from the future.

9. The Pixies | Break My Body
I'm not really a violent person, but this song makes me want to beat people up. Maybe strangle them a bit too.

10. Woods | Rain On
I was in Saugerties NY around Halloween and someone put this song on. I was immediately like, what the fuck is this?...This is one of those songs that probably just wrote itself. I liked it so much that I learned to play it.