WARMER MIXTAPES #119 | by Fredrik Lindson of The Crêpes and The Embassy

1. Prefab Sprout | Doo-Wop In Harlem
If, God forbid, any of the two prefablovers I know, dies before me, this is what I will sing on their funeral.

2. Hardfloor | Acperience 1
The positive acid house slowly became resistant against its fuel of exstacy and the genre seemed to split up in; either making mushroomtechno or, preferrably, try to stay on the floor even though the temperature was sinking and aggression rising.

3. T-Rex | Once Upon The Seas Of Abyssinia
Love everything Marc does. This funny obscurity is from the Tyrannosaurus-era, built upon the vocal oppositions of falsetto and growl. Also brilliantly covered by swedish occultists Submarine Prophets in 1991.

4. Robert Wyatt | A Last Straw
To this record me and my wife have spent so many evenings. Drinking and laughing, thinking and crying.

5. Bobby Reed | The Time Is Right For Love
As a heavy Foxbase Alpha-listener in the nineties, this song of course paid my extra attention when it came up on an allnighter. Meaning that it existed a song even better than Spring.

6. Rod Stewart | You Wear It Well
First childhood memories: lying under livingroom table, eating crumbs... Legs... Laughter... Perfume... Rod.

7. The Field Mice | So Said Kay
I discovered Sarah Records when Field Mice already had split. But I was glad I had that bit saved, because all the genres I liked round that time was on the way down anyway. Rockriffs and big beat was on the agenda, sometimes in the same song. Field Mice made me start my first band, a band that noone liked except a guy called Stefan, he invited me to a party where I met guy called Torbjörn. We didn't say much then but came up to form a band called The Embassy few years later. Stefan released our first song.

8. Nico | I'm Not Sayin'
Debut single I think, a very simple and direct tune + that voice + the honest yet positive lyrics, one might say it contains all you can wish of a pop song.

9. Julian Jabre | Swimming Places
I think this, in many ways, sums up the best parts of the past decade.

10. Ride | Today
The last gasp of the scene that celebrated itself, and probably its finest moment. Forthcoming album was that year's No1.