WARMER MIXTAPES #120 | by Zeta & Lego Moustache, Octavio Cavieres and Andrés Nusser of Astro

Many thanks to our lovely photographer Diego Maldonado.

SIDE A | by Andrés Nusser

1. Atlas Sound | Attic Lights
I’m floating on a lumber, going down the river. Everywhere is full of pine trees and beavers. Bears and fishes are friends for the first time. The fish shows the bear how to swim properly and the bear shows the fish how to hibernate all winter in the peace of a cave. Later all of them will come with me and swim by my side while I’m still floating down the river.

2. Bibio | Ambivalence Avenue
This song transports me to a hippie community living in the mountains. Someone makes bread, others collect some flowers and kids play trough the woods. Shamanic and magic forces are playing the percussions so every minute of their life they have the companion of African styles among them.

3. Gang Gang Dance | Vacuum
It must be the most literal song I had never listened to. It is all a great vacuum cleaner that absorbs you inside of it. When I listen to it with headsets it vacuums the fat from my stomach. Now I imagine what could happen if I try to suck my brain.

4. Micachu | Turn Me Weller
Another song about vacuum cleaning.

5. Nite Jewel | What Did He Say
The first time I listened to Nite Jewel it poisoned me by completely. It’s like a big green snot invading me. A Lo-fidelity snot. It has an unique thing. It’s absurd and delicate at the same time; I think that’s its value. It makes me angry and happy, angry and happy, and again angry and then, happy.

6. CocoRosie | Coconuts
It gives me the desire of being a spark. But not a shining one, just one that passes unnoticed bouncing from side to side. Coco run coco, says the girl in the storybook. Run Coco, run. And the palm trees start to shake violently and everyone gets a coconut for the first time of their lives. Be careful not to stand below the palms while shaking.

7. Friend | Doki
I love the Caribbean. I’ve never gone there, but I like so much Caribbean sounds of Calipso Steel Drums that I am abusing them in the 2nd Astro Disc. In Doki they are perfect. It takes you to the streets, to the beach and where people are smiling and dancing and playing and going to the fair. It reminds me the craziest Tom and Jerry chapter ever made, when they arrive to a tropical island. A black cat appears playing those drums.

8. Juan Son | Las Hadas
It has the same texture as Doki (Friend). Its translation to the English is The Fairies. Little fairies flying through the plants it’s what I imagine. Fireflies from all over the world join together and make the most spectacular show of all times. Up and down flying like fireworks and spectral oscillator shapes. I leave the rest to your imagination.

9. Atlas Sound | My Halo
Everything becomes colorful. Ones are bright and others shine a lot more than the first ones. Continual game between them while surrounding me and becoming my halo. Let me glow forever!

10. My Bloody Valentine | To Here Know When
Sweet sugar fields make me feel guarantied happy life ending.

SIDE B | by Zeta Moustache

1. Kid Loco | Relaxing With Cherry
To wake up without knowing what happened the night before. Trying to find less blurry images, is a waste of time, such is the big memory blank that we could get in and sleep. When you open your redden eyes you know there is no past, you don’t frown anymore and listen to a bird who plays the violin and a dog that whispers your name. It’s like being happy because of the sunshine, marshmallow clouds and cherry breeze.

2. Cornelius | Drop
I saw submarines, white corals, penguins, seals, treasures, dark mountains, swinging medusas, sunken ships, sea stars, big bubbles, mudded stones, dolphins with vodka bottles as snouts, killer orcas, a 747 Boeing, naked mermaids, a elephant snorkeling, a dead butterfly, a locket, a sink black plug, a soap. All inside my bath tub.

3. The Chemical Brothers | Star Guitar
To run for a bus ticket, to raise a hand to stop a taxi, a forgotten case, to run over a dog, insult a grandma, get to the bus and wait, wait for others to come. The sound of the engine an movement starts, you start moving, you slow down, you almost crash a Mercedes Benz, someone goes to the toilette, nauseating air, you close your eyes, and enjoy a 24 hour trip.

4. Designer Drugs | Zombie
The neighbor is a punk, he’s bad, I want rebelliousness too. I want to just break things because…I’ll go into a supermarket with a baseball bat, straight to the home items aisle, where all the glasses and plates are. You just push hard the supermarket cart, don’t stop. Go straight ahead so we can crash. Run now, now that the guard is watching the old lady boobs. Let’s break everything and steal a chocolate to gain our strength again. Let’s run or we’ll be dead.

5. Thievery Corporation | Amerimaka
Gravity does not exist in this house. You can float between the dense smokes; it’s prohibited to open the window because you might ascend to space in two seconds. And it’s dark and cold. Going trough the aisles you bump your head, watch out!! If your hands and your face don’t react, don’t worry we’re all the same, we laugh and smoke again.

6. Karlheinz Stockhausen | Gesang Der Jünglinge
Hug your self with the closest arms you can find and please try not to bite your own fingernails. You look around like crazy but don’t see a thing. A child speaks alone, he does not listen, he does not see. He sweats, he fears, don’t scream!! The kid bites himself and we do too. We’re legless targets in a dark room. It’s better if you turn on the lights...

7. Ricardo Villalobos | Dexter
When everything freezes sounds Ricardo. The grass, leaves, flowers, corn, soil, bugs and stones. When everything freezes sounds Dexter, there is not even a atom moving, there is not even air. Smells like snow perfume, smells like river and ice, smells like wet pine. When everything freezes we look at each other and like that we sleep in peace.

8. Daft Punk | Something About Us
Running on a field of flowers is corny, to laugh while you smell her scent is corny, to roll together downhill is corny, holding hands and singing is corny, to gather around a bonfire and hug is corny, to shout what you feel is corny, to write down nice things listening to birds is corny, hiding in the woods to kiss is corny, touching your heart to be sure that your in love is corny. I am corny.

9. The Aluminum Group | We’re Both Hiding
When I shut myself in the washing machine looking to be a better person, I didn’t know if I should’ve spin or rinse myself, because of me being sad and dirty. I liked bubbles because of their cloudy shape and you flew like superwoman. I wanted the button to be pressed so that water could cover me and be absent for 31 minutes.

10. Tesla Boy | Spirit Of The Night
We are owls and hunt mice that dance non stop. They’ve got rhythm and flavor, that's why we eat them and it’s addictive. We fly on a highway with no stopovers, we're fast and our visit denounces you. We hunt for a living and also because we want to fly, even if we loose all our feathers because of exhaustion. We are night creatures, but we are peaceful. Our sharp claws hunt dancing mice.

SIDE C | by Octavio Cavieres

1. Ilia Kuraki | Expedición Al Klamahana
In the search for the top of the highest and weirdest mountain, on which, some say, you can find all the answers to life.

2. TV On The Radio | Family Tree
We rest together, holding each other, on soft green grass, on an English garden, sheltered by a big apple tree’s shadow charged with fruits. It’s Paradise for lovers like us.

3. Thieves Like Us | Really Like To See You Again
Alone by night, going across a street underpass, cars illuminate my front side, many don’t notice me. I think of you. I think of all that distance that separates us.

4. Pacific! | Hold Me
And we are hugging in the middle of the widest street on the world. Nothing can separate or harm us.

5. Prince | 1999
We are in a huge space cruise at an endless intergalactic party. We have fluorescent orange drinks in glasses made of ice and we are only wearing transparent nylon suits.

6. David Bowie | Space Oddity
Alone, inside a bunker underneath the earth I watch images of TV archives showing all that life was on the planet. I watch from dinosaurs to the internet, all kings, heroes and common people that lived here. I miss them, I miss them a lot.

7. Sigur Rós | Gobbledygook
We are all around a bonfire on the country side, the fire is enormous. Wearing masks and jumping and dancing to the rhythm of drums that nobody seems to play. Some go trough the fire and nobody seems to get burnt.

8. Neon Indian | Deadbeat Summer
We are playing beach tennis. The sun comes down and we start getting hungry. We go home and have banana flavored milk and avocado sandwiches!

9. Empire Of The Sun | The World
Dear Earths, give me all the answers, take care of me forever, lecture me when I commit mistakes, please!

10. Animal Collective | Brothersport
We are at the town square going rounds on a carrousel, so fast that friends start to fall but everybody is laughing, no one gets hurt. Now, all on the ground stay watching the sky and the clouds up above.

SIDE D | by Lego Moustache

1. Dead Can Dance | Yulunga
I walk on a desert looking what’s around me: red serpents, huge camels, and some tribes far ahead. I start running till I take off flying as high as I can. Everything looks so different from up above. I’m so thirsty, but I have to fly without stopping. Far in the distance I can see a big bird with calypso feathers, I must follow it, I must reach it, even if I don’t know if I’ll make it.

2. Tortoise | Firefly
A dark wooden room, it’s hot and I’m floating. I draw on the walls shapes with a pencil. Triangles, cats, balloons, peppers, and all which that moment deserves. I’m still floating; I get the impulse from the ground with my feet. All in this room is excessively slow.

3. Squarepusher | The Exploding Psychology
It’s a family dinner; silver ware, napkins and plates. Everything is ready for the percussion set. On the left hand a knife, on the right a fork. All element burst into light when I hit them. There are no rules, muuuaaahahahhahha!

4. Tool | (-) Ions

5. Junkie XL | Cosmic Rave
It's 8pm on my way to catch a plane. Curiously the flight attendants dance disco all the time and NEVER stop. They move their heads franticly. One takes me for a dance down the corridor. I just couldn’t refuse.

6. Sébastien Tellier | L'Amour Et La Violence
I’m at the movies. The movie ended and at the videogames there is a way too tense kid. He sweats, his pupils are dilated, he’s pale. The game is about cars. He still sweats. The scene is worrying. Game Over appears on the screen, more relaxed, takes his cap and leaves the place running as if someone followed him.

7. Medeski, Martin And Wood | Uninvisible
I imagine a play-doh figure walking through the city. He changes colour every each two minutes. It's huge!!!

8. Peter Gabriel | Here Comes The Flood
In a forest full of bamboo there is a cozy wooden cabin. It has a large chimney which helps to escape the cold. Just near by there’s a lake were I go to smoke a pipe with my old man where we chat long hours about life and everything is in peace, in order, nothing bothers me. We make home made bread and chop wood…Not sure why there are so many bamboos around, maybe because I’ve always dream of them.

9. Who Made Who | Keep Me In My Plane
Snorkeling happily and the fish smile at me too. Sharks are friendly. Seaweeds dance. A swordfish says Hi, stars change colour. Rocks aren’t hard and I can breath without my snorkel. All The Sea is very kind with my visit.

10. Air | Another Day
It’s the 50’s, all dressed up, with the best look ever. I’ve got lots of weapons under my coat. I can use them whenever I want and that makes me powerful. At the end of dinner starts the shooting, and as usual, I commit suicide and can see myself fall on the ground slowly, just as if I was filming myself in slow motion.