WARMER MIXTAPES #123 | by Adam Cresswell (Saloon) and Alice Hubley of Arthur And Martha

SIDE A | by Alice Hubley

1. Mental As Anything | Live It Up
This was the first record I played in 2010, 2010 is going to be a good year.

2. Section 25 | Reflection
Obligatory Factory Records band, I bloody love Section 25, especially when the girl sings.

3. Yeasayer | O.N.E.
I am currently obsessed with this record, I heart Yeasayer.

4. The Beach Boys | Steamboat
70’s Beach Boys is the best drunk singalong soundtrack.

5. Boom Bip | Mannequin Hand Trapdoor I Reminder (feat. Dose One)
Reminds me of my last year in Leeds and going to shows the Hood boys organised. I think this is one of my favourite song of the noughties, not that that means anything.

6. Styrofoam | Anything
Pretty sure Arthur And Martha have attempted to rip this one off a fair few times.

7. The Cure | Just Like Heaven
The same person who first played me this, also played me New Order, Can and Kraftwerk for the first time, where would I be without them?

8. Felix Da Housecat | Ready 2 Wear
You know how some songs remind you of people or places, this song reminds me of a boy that I wish it didn’t. Perfect electro pop.

9. Phil Collins | Easy Lover (with Philipp Bailey)
Leeds. 2002. No party was complete without this song being played at least twice and the whole party going nuts. I found out the other day that I was the only person at these parties not on class A drugs.

10. Gram Parsons | In My Hour Of Darkness
I have a lil obsession with L.A. in the late 60s, Gram makes me weak in the knees.

SIDE B | by Adam Cresswell

1. Geoff Love And His Orchestra | Star Wars
This was my first album, which I bought in Boots. I really wanted the John Williams version but the girl in the shop gave me the Geoff Love funky-easy listening version instead. This record changed my life.

2. Bee Gees | Staying Alive
Falsetto sounds crap by anyone other than the Bee Gees. Robin Gibb's syrup is terrible though.

3. The Fall | Rouche Rumble
As a student, I always opened my DJ set with this. No-one danced.

4. New Order | Temptation
When we mixed our first album the engineer described it as sounding somewhere between the first New Order album and the second New Order album. Which is this.

5. Falco | Rock Me Amadeus
I proposed to my wife to this (it was on VH1, I'm not that old).

6. Stereolab | French Disko
It has been cruelly remarked, that I spent 5 and a half years in a Stereolab tribute band. Admittedly, that is not too far from the truth.

7. Air | Sexy Boy
When this came out, I played it over and over again. I think my housemate thought I was having a breakdown. I spent a fortune on vintage synths in an attempt to write something half as decent myself.

8. Justice vs. Simian | We Are Your Friends
The soundtrack to decorating my house, and a lot of time in the gym fighting obesity.

9. Wavves | Beach Demon
Tinnitus in a can.

10. John Coltrane | My Favourite Things
Not even Julie Andrews could improve on this version. When I hit 40, I plan to listen to nothing but jazz and play a lot of golf.