WARMER MIXTAPES #124 | by Brian Wenckebach and Evagelia Maravelias of Elika

SIDE A | by Evagelia Maravelias

1. Echo And The Bunnymen | Ocean Rain
A beautiful, dark love song, I had a crush on a boy that used to sing it to me in high school.

2. Lou Reed | Perfect Day
Such a simple sentiment all wrapped up in a perfect little song.

3. Joni Mitchell | A Case Of You
Joni's voice makes me want to smoke cigarettes.

4. David Bowie | Life On Mars
This is the first song that really blew my mind.

5. The Beach Boys | God Only Knows
The overlapping harmonies at the end break my heart every time.

6. Starflyer 59 | 20 Dollar Bills
For the longest time I made up my own lyrics to this song. I thought it was about Christ coming back for us, I still pretend that's what it's about.

7. Asobi Seksu | Thursday
Sometimes perfect songs are written and this is one of them.

8. The Beatles | In My Life
Makes me cry.

9. Giorgio Moroder | Love Theme From Flashdance
When I was a little girl my sisters and I would dance around to this in our parents basement, I must have listened to it 1000 times.

10. Stevie Wonder | They Won't Go When I Go
It's just so beautiful, my oldest sister played it for me when I was a little girl...I remember that day so clearly.

SIDE B | by Brian Wenckebach

1. Spiritualized | Lay Back In The Sun
Total classic, makes me want to pass out in a park somewhere.

2. Built To Spill | Else
Favorite song from one of my favorite bands. Sounds glorious on vinyl.

3. Unrest | Make Out Club
When I was in high school, we'd drive recklessly around the neighborhoods, blast this
song, and feel alive.

4. Eggs | It's Hard To Be An Egg
My cousin, who I was very close to, died during my senior year of high school. I went home, put on this song, and cried. It still makes me weep when I hear it, and it has the saddest horn sound ever.

5. Misfits | Skulls
And! Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?...I couldn't pick one Misfits track, they are way too important.

6. Elliot Smith | I Didn't Understand
Oh my harmonies!

7. Nas | Halftime
Nas talks about John Jay High School in this one. John Jay for life.

8. Aphex Twin | Girl/Boy Song
Greatest abstract electronic track of all time.

9. Nightmares On Wax | Survival
Made me get a subwoofer for my car.

10. De La Soul | Eye Know
I flashback to my days skateboarding whenever this comes on.