WARMER MIXTAPES #128 | by Aaron Neveu and Kris Miller of the cq

SIDE A | by Kris Miller

1. My Bloody Valentine | What You Want
It’s really difficult to choose one single song from this record to call my favorite. I listen to this record everyday and it never gets old.

2. The Jesus & Mary Chain | Never Understand
This record is a perfect combination of noise and great melodies.

3. Bee Gees | Please Read Me
I think it’s really impressive and also inspirational that the Bee Gees were writing great songs at such a young age. Also, I think the cover of this record is just as great as the music.

4. Los Mac’s | Al Otro Lado Del Mar
Chilean psych at it’s finest…I really like the melodies and the accents are cool too.

5. The Bats | Block Of Wood
Possibly one of the catchiest records I’ve ever heard. I really wish I could write songs like these.

6. Captain Beefheart | Dropout Boogie
Makes me want to drop out.

7. July | A Bird Lived
Makes me want it to be summer.

8. Ramones | I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement
I’ve always admired how the Ramones were so great while keeping it so simple. I think it makes it even better that this record is a little less than 30 minutes

9. The Band | Long Black Veil
You really can’t go wrong with The Band.

10. The Mothers Of Invention | Cheap Thrills
Great song to kick off a great record. I’m always in the mood to listen to this record and I think there might have been a point where I was listening to it multiple times everyday.

SIDE B | by Aaron Neveu

1. My Bloody Valentine | I Only Said
I can’t say enough about this record. The last two minutes of this song is made up of some of the most hypnotic and beautiful music I’ve ever heard.

2. The Jesus & Mary Chain | Sowing Seeds
This whole record is full of incredible songs - and the vocal melodies are all great. This one is my favorite though.

3. Bee Gees | Red Chair Fade Away
Bee Gees' 1st is one of my favorite records. I’m always amazed by how carefully crafted the songs are - and how they were all 18 and 19 when they wrote this record! It's one of the first records I bought and this song in particular will always be a favorite of mine.

4. Los Mac's | Degrees
All the songs on Kaleidoscope Men are sung in broken English and don’t make any sense most of the time. Listened to this record obsessively for a while, and reading about these guys recording in an amateur studio was inspirational. Reminds me of summer.

5. The Bats | Miss These Things
I draw a lot of inspiration from this record. I don’t usually focus on lyrics music. But the lyrics seem to fit the music perfectly, and the song from start to finish is fantastic.

6. Captain Beefheart | Zig Zag Wanderer
Spent all of eighth grade drooling over this record.

7. July | Hello To Me
Perfect song for a rainy day.

8. Ramones | Listen To My Heart
Proof that you don’t need tons of lyrics and chords to write an incredible, memorable song. Easily one of the greatest pop songs ever.

9. The Band | To Kingdom Come
Driving music. This is one of my favorite songs by The Band. One of the most underrated bands ever.

10. The Mothers Of Invention | How Could I Be Such A Fool?
Freak Out! was one of my favorite records for a long time. I went to Georgia when I was in the sixth grade and found a record shop where the owner was playing this record at full volume. Had no idea what it was, but liked it enough to buy it. Didn’t realize it was the mothers until I brought it home. Overplayed ever since. Classic.