WARMER MIXTAPES #131 | by Brenda Massey [District Columbia]

1. The Radio Dept. | Freddie And The Trojan Horse
I cry silently when I hear this song.

2. The Embassy | Some Indulgence
Best song to hear in a great sunny day on the beach. This song always reminds me of white sands and the bright Sun on the beach.

3. Yo La Tengo | Autumn Sweater
Perfect song to enjoy sunrise in early morning. I remembered the day when I used to go to my rooftop and see the sunrise everyday. With a pack of cigarettes and wearing a sweater. Just sit and wait until The Sun is really shining.

4. Peter Bjorn And John | Ancient Curse
Everything is moving. I can see The Sun movement. The lights of the road. The clock pointer. The clouds. Those feet on the street. The dust. The flies. And suddenly you realized all things happen just too fast.

5. The Bilinda Butchers | It's Not Over Till We're Dead
Sitting alone in your classroom, knowing that you're alive and exist in this world. And one time you'll just completely disappear from this world.

6. The Depreciation Guild | Dream About Me
Being dumped and worthless. Empty.

7. Boat Club | Always Away
Those beach days...

8. My Bloody Valentine | Cigarette In Your Bed
A perfect song for a rainy day while you sitting alone in a car and drink a cup of coffee.

9. The Radio Dept. | Keen On Boys
Everything will be set in slow motion when I hear this song.

10. Crystal Castles | Alice In Practice
You're standing alone in a big crowd of strangers. Like in a concert. And you remember all your problems while the crowd is dancing and the music's so loud. But then you start crying and asking yourself why you're here, being what you are now...