WARMER MIXTAPES #132 | by Felix Lee of Tqqundo Frrrrr

1. Lile (Hymn To The Sun)
A traditional Georgian folk song, from Svaneti region. The song itself is thousands of years old, and it takes me somewhere.

2. DJ Deeon | The Baddest
I found this song simultaneously as I discovered the writings of Ior Bock. Although naturally unintentional, or so I believe, the lyrical parallels to the pagan polysexual rituals described by IB were very much evident to me.

3. Tqqundo Frrrrr | ٨ *
When my friend Kio Kissele, and I channeled this piece of music, we discovered things within us, that before we did not know existed.
* (٨ = 8 in eastern Arabic numerals)

4. Orthodox Christian Byzantine Easter Hymn
I used to play a recording of this hymn at dawn.

5. Obsidian Pond | Sundog Sinners

6. John Cale, Tony Conrad, Angus Maclise, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela | Day Of Niagara
This drone piece captured a very powerful feeling. It was good for me to discover this music at an early age.

7. The Skaters | Dark Rye Bread #1
I find the music this pair make, manages to escape the filtration that most other recorded music passes through as it makes it's journey from the first body to the interface, to the third body (recorded medium).

8. Music Of The Idoma Of Nigeria: Ediigwu Sings The Ancient Songs Of Oturkpo, Nigeria
A field recording from a wake at an Idoma compound. Really real.

9. Lucky Dragons | Desert Walkers
I have been lucky to attend their performances numerous times. The first time veritably gave me new thoughts on musical communication.

10. The Incredible String Band | Iron Stone
Iron Stoneddddddd.