WARMER MIXTAPES #134 | by Evan and Dylan Euteneier of Mathemagic

SIDE A | by Dylan Euteneier

A list of songs attached to moments. The songs being much more important than the words. I imagine that they sound different to me than they do anyone else, but they probably don't. Who cares though?

1. The Acorn | Crooked Legs
A song that even when you're far too drunk, you can remember singing along with; even when the rest of the night is gone. It brought with it an epiphany that you will never remember.

2. Dinosaur Jr. | Raisins
This song you can yell with.

3. Still Life Still | T-Shirts
I love the courage of this song.

4. Yeasayer | 2080
Dancing your ass off on a stand-up lawn mower in the dead heat of summer, squinting at The Sun.

5. Do Make Say Think | Classic Noodlanding
Windsurfing instructor at a summer camp.

6. Cloud Nothings | Hey Cool Kid
When you're frustrated as hell and somebody almost runs into you with their car.

7. The Most Serene Republic | (Oh) God
27 kids at swimming lessons.

8. Japandroids | Young Hearts Spark Fire
Sitting on the roof of a bus, fucked up, and going 100 km/ hour down a highway not knowing enough to hold on for your life. But it was a blast.

9. Small Black | Despicable Dogs
On a bridge that separates the atlantic and the pacific, sharing a stolen bottle of wine with a great person.

10. Do Make Say Think | Ontario Plates
Finds it's nice, the weather.

SIDE B | by Evan Euteneier

Here are some good songs...

1. The xx | VCR
We drove to Florida recently, and I had this song on repeat almost the whole 24 hour trip.

2. The Marvelettes | Beechwood 4-5789
A friend sent me this song, and it is amazing. If you close your eyes and listen to it, it's like a time machine to the 60's.

3. Memory Cassette | Last One Awake (Friend Remix)
Friend's version of Last One Awake is just a perfect song. I can listen to it for hours. The song's lyrics also remind me of being the last one awake when everyone else is passed out.

4. Immortal Technique | Dance With The Devil
This song has the most fucked up words ever.

5. Free Kisses | My Acoustic Heart Wants To Dance With You
The prettiest song. Ever.

6. Sufjan Stevens | John Wayne Gacy, Jr.
Such a sad song. Sufjan has a beautiful voice, and this song might make you cry.

7. Caspa And Rusko | Africa VIP
And also Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)...Everyone has to listen to dubstep once and a while, and when you do, you have to listen to these two songs. Something about dubstep just makes you feel good.

8. Akon | I'm So Paid
Just a really, really catchy radio song.

9. John Lennon | Give Peace A Chance
A beautiful song about peace that you have to sing along with when you hear it.

10. Phil Collins | In The Air Tonight
A wicked 80's song. Really catchy, and has a really good feeling to it.