WARMER MIXTAPES #133 | by Alesandre Jong Pierz of Obsidian Pond, Leveret and Egyptian Hip Hop

I compiled this playlist at night so I would like you to know that this playlist is made of my favourite songs from the perspective of my night time mind. The list would likely be very different if it was made at 1 pm or 8 am or 5 pm.

1. Fursaxa | Cle Elum
This sounds to me like I am on the top of the tallest mountain in the area which is entirely wooded but with a clearing which I am in. I can see The Moon from the clearing and there are a few glowing things also in the sky which are moving slowly and glittering beautifully and in time with the pulse of everything.

2. Dumisani Maraire & Epaht Mujururu | Chemutengure
The saddest piece of music I know. It speaks to my bones not my mind. It reminds me of some terrible, wonderful thing that never happened. This used to make me cry when I was 11 and I didn't know why.

3. MF DOOM | Coffin Nails
Wonderful feelings of freedom and bounciness exude from this one. Like running at night or like being a rubber ball in the sea or like being a rubber ball in the sea at night. Something about it makes me feel like I can truly just flop around and not care about the consequences.

4. Lou Harrison | Buburan Robert
Cleansed gamelan, without the harshness and with the most amazing trumpet melody. Completely hummable if you can remember it. This takes me to a breezy beach at the turn of night with sand in my toes and many smaller creatures just wobbling around behind me or below me and there's this elegant trumpet line just floating round in the air and sometimes calmly resting in my flowing arms.

5. James Ferraro | Adrenaline's End
Another freedom song but it sounds like when you come home from school when you're 8 and you get that awesome blanket. You watch bad cartoons and you feel like nothing is even anything because you're only 8 and you're home and everyone else isn't. It's like bobbing along in your own murky little 8 year old mind. It lasts forever and it's all the same. I love it.

6. Yoro Diallo Dit Fernando Moutchatcha | San Wo San
Anticipation of summer and Karibbean Kola with some grapes dangling off the hammock in the back yard where some beast with big black eyes hangs from its tail in the tree singing to you. You ping grapes at it but it just pops them in its mouth and doesn't stop singing.

7. Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan | Over The Garden
It's raining but you're in a bubble floating over farms and it's almost spring but it's not quite spring yet. There's daffodils but they're early ones and there's black clouds on the prowl but right now there's Sun on the ground below you even though it's raining. This time of year has a feeling to me which this song holds in its pretty hands.

8. David Hykes And The Harmonic Choir | Arc Descents
This is astounding and I can never believe it's a product of the human race. It is truly like the songs of planets, or of hugely superior beings. Massive and tidal.

9. William Basinski | dlp 1.2
He played these on his balcony while filming The Twin Towers burning on 11-09-2001. Sounds like the sadness of cliffs as the sea slowly crumbles them into itself.

10. Steve Reich | Eight Lines
Always perfect, always finds the perfect place to sit in my mind. I always see wind blowing phenomenally high treetops covered in leaves. The wind is really powerful up there and constant, not buffeting. It isn't so windy down here and you can still walk around without worrying you'll be blown away but sometimes things from up there fall down here and let you know it's not so easy for them up there. You feel a bit bad for them but you keep walking and eventually there's this river and there's loads of golden fruit floating down so you get in the river with the fruit and float on with it. You can hear the fruits talking to each other but you obviously can't tell what they're saying but you start joining in anyway and the fruit gathers around you carries you down to the riverbed where you can breathe normally and you run along with the current down there. There's a few big fish but they don't bother you. You have to go back up to the surface because it's getting rocky. You rise with such force that you fly out of the river and into the air where you're caught in the long hairs of a riverside willow tree who tells you a sleepy story and rocks you to bed. That's only the first 7 minutes.