WARMER MIXTAPES #154 | by Peter Borgedahl (The Bridal Shop)/[Sunday Forever]

1. Scott Walker | Amsterdam
Scott Walker singing Jacques Brel. I so would like to have sex with this song.

2. Moto Boy | Blue Motorbike
This guy has that mixture of integrity, androgynity and rip my heart out-attitute that the hipsters never dare to copy.

3. Kent | Avtryck
Might not be their best song, but all the worth mentioning-moments of my teens started with this song and lasted approx for half an hour.

4. The Divine Comedy | Our Mutual Friend
Triangular drama in a 3/4 beat painted in strings and Neil Hannon's perfect coctail voice - what's not to like?

5. Henri Mancini | Moon River
I listen to this every day. I want to build a time machine and join the two drifters off to see the world.

6. Worlds End Girlfriend | We Are The Massacre
I imagine myself listening to this as The World comes to an end due to our inability to reduce our pollution of The World (or possibly nuclear war). While the leaders of The World sit in their safety bunkers I listen to this on the streets while the buildings come crashing down.

7. Ratata | Jackie
I just had to pick a song about a broken heart. Why? 'Cause Mauro Scocco's all about it! It might sound banal.

8. Håkan Hellström | Gårdakvarnar Och Skit
Not only did Mr. Hellström get old, ditched the sailor uniform and started living up to his old man-potential, he also used Björn Olsson as a producer and made this song about his favorite football club, but basically about grown up issues like growing old.

9. Sigur Rós | Untitled #8 (aka Popplagið aka The Pop Song)
If you've experienced this song live, you never again want to hear another crappy self moaning singer, just the sound of the Icelandic whales.

10. Regina | Olisitko Sittenkin Halunnut Palata
Always look outside of Stockholm if you want something lasting. This song is amazing. Finland is amazing.