WARMER MIXTAPES #155 | by Tyler Wallace [Phillip Oskar Augustine]

1. The Stranglers | In The Shadows
Well, I love The Stranglers. This is off their Black And White record, which is a concept album (black side and white side). Genius melodies and the record/song has so many cool tinges of old UK punk, I really like it. Everything I've heard by them so far is pretty amazing.

2. Jay Reatard | No Time
Not a lot to say here, the song speaks for itself. This may sound corny or something, but I take Jay Reatard's music pretty seriously, and this song in particular really resonates with me. Awesome lyrics and feeling.

3. Atlas Sound | Walk A Thin Line (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
This is just beautiful. It's a free download on his Bradford Cox's blog, and he completely nails it. It's so full of emotion and really takes what was a cool song then into something we can feel again in the modern day. This has been on repeat around here for quite a while now.

4. Diana Ross And The Supremes | I'll Set You Free
This is some purely epic Motown tuneage. Diana Ross sings with such an unbelievable amount of passion, it's one of those songs where I repeatedly get the chills every time she belts the chorus line. The whole album (Love Child) is rad and I'm kind of always listening to it these days, as well.

5. RUN DMT | Disaster Babies
RUN DMT is probably one of my favorite new bands. This shit will chill you out! It has a total surf vibe and this trippy reverse reverb thing going on with their drums. Real old styles that you can really get into and enjoy. They have a lot of good songs aside from this one, Spruce Bringsteen is a straight hit as well.

6. Vells | Larger Than Life
I'm not totally sure when exactly this was made, but I think this is an old project of Jeremiah Green's (Modest Mouse). All of the songs on the album are unbelievably good, and ultra lo-fi. A lot of times it is just 3 instruments and/or a vocal track. It gets really eerie sometimes and really happy sometimes. Larger Than Life is just my most favoured jam.

7. Victory VIII | I Want To See Everything
This is a genius band, you can get all their whole album off of Holiday Records for free. It's really short and beautiful (also, like the album) and contains extremely simplistic, but perfect lyrics. Has this old 40's era string style laced throughout the album. Real fun and beachy too, its pretty original sounding stuff.

8. Nico | I'll Keep It With Mine
Too good not to mention. I love the lyrics and the feelings she sends through me when she sings.

9. Chad Vangaalen | Willow Tree
This song/dude/album are all totally amazing. He's extremely talented at producing/playing, and he makes really gorgeous illustrations into flash videos, as well. I'd love to meet him one day. To me it seems to be a song about death and finding peace with it's inevitability. And the song goes so many places, as do many of his others.

10. Toro Y Moi | Can't Hold This Stance
I am real into this track lately. This is an old pal from Columbia, SC and as many know he is a maker of many epic jams. This is some of his sort of older folky stuff. There's piano and pretty melodies. Has this sort of 90's feel to me, and one of the huge things I like about it is the dark ahhh ahhh melody lines behind the happier vocal and piano melodies.