WARMER MIXTAPES #170 | by VG and GD of Liquid Vega

SIDE A | by VG

1. Love Of Life Orchestra | Beginning Of The Heartbreak/Don't Don't
Everyone needs a start to something right? This sounds like the perfect way to start. The journey is always there no matter where you are.

2. Yoko Ono | Mrs. Lennon
Ever decreasing sad circles. Yoko Ono is such an underrated artists and has soundtracked the first few of months of the year for us, especially her slower material. This is just a devasting song that floors us every time.

3. Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras | Hurdy Gurdy Man
This just sounds like some messed up and slighlty murderous fairground ride. We love it!

4. Justine & The Victorian Punks | Beautiful Dreamer
The greatest song to have been beamed in from the past. A clockwork dancer with a great head-dress. We could only dream that there had been more.

5. Roxy Music | India
Two minutes of internal peace at the shore.

6. Pascal Comelade | Taking Tiger Mountain
We could listen to this forever. Sweet, sweet sounds for those lost moments where being found is the last thing you want.

7. Antena | Camino Del Sol
We love Antena. Timeless and endless waves of cooling Sun.

8. Chandra | Kate
This song makes us laugh - don't ever forget the need to let it out!

9. Christophe | Rock Monsieur
The coolest song. Leather jackets and lit up ideas of how listening to the coolest songs can make you feel.

10. Laurie Anderson | Born Never Asked
Insistent, stroking of the shadows.

SIDE B | by GD

1. Venus Gang | Love To Fly
Galactic Soul. A must for us.

2. The Walker Brothers | Death Of Romance
This is an incredible song we only discovered recently. Those saxophones - it's enough to make you want to strip off, fuck and give in to it's own gravestone.

3. The Field Mice | Letting Go
A flash of unsung brilliance that feels like it's melting the ice around us.

4. Deux Filles | L'Intrigué
A one way ticket to Algiers and then nothing. This song tells us that truth is sometimes not what is needed at all. Make your own truths.

5. Snatch | Joey
Shoplifting our breaths away - we wish they'd made more records like this. Patti and Judy are unsung heroes.

6. Metro | Overture To Flame
Touch me.

7. Vincent Gallo | Yes, I'm Lonely
Sometimes when I'm lonely...

8. This Mortal Coil | The Last Ray
The feel of the night as you press your face to the window.

9. My Bloody Valentine | Sometimes
Late night drives, homeward bound. The feel of something in your arms.

10. Ozo | Anambra
Make us want to ride those horses. All. Night. Long.